Ghee Roast, Bangda, to All Mangalorean – Head to the Iconic Tom’s Restaurant of Bengaluru

tom's restaurant

There are a few places which have become an integral part of the city’s food culture. They are here from years, undisturbed, not losing even an inch of quality, catering to people from all walks of life. Among such iconic food points of Bengaluru, Tom’s Restaurant in Richmond Road is one of the city’s most loved restaurants. People were visiting this place, they are visiting and they will be visiting for many more years to come. The old world charm that the restaurant carry reminds you of the good old days of Bangalore. This is not a Desi Non-Veg Hotel. It ferries the elegance in its subtleness yet serving the most delicious meaty dishes in the city.

tom's restaurant

The Menu of Tom’s Restaurant

Tom’s restaurant is largely popular for its Ghee Roast Mutton Biriyani, Bangda Fry, Chicken Curry and Prawn Masala. If you are a Pork lover then you got lucky because this restaurant serves the city’s best Pork Masala, believe us.


pork hotel in bangalore

On the other hand, if you are from Mangalore or love relishing Mangalorean flavours then this place should become your Adda. Tom’s menu has Basa Fish Fry, Basa Fish Kebab, Seerfish Tava Fry among its Karavali specialities. They also have Sannas, Kerala Paratha and Coorg Masala whose taste simply has no match.

Great Food + Great Service = Awesomeness

Tom’s restaurant is not only known for its flavoursome food but it is equally famous for its service. People who serve here are quick, friendly and polite enough to make you feel comfortable and comfy. Everything about Tom’s looks perfect and that’s the reason, it has been a favourite place to go in the city.

Tom’s Restaurant

When it comes to price, Tom’s Restaurant is quite pocket-friendly and affordable. For the taste of food being served here, you don’t mind paying some extra bucks (if you are generous).


It is located next to Fatima’s Bakery on Richmond road. So, whenever you crave for heavenly Ghee Mutton Roast Biriyani, Pork Masala, or Mangalorean taste then you can surely visit Tom’s Restaurant.

Note: Table Booking Recommended in Tom’s Restaurant

Open: 11 AM – 4 PM and 7 PM – 11:55 PM


Where: Muniswamy Garden, Richmond Road, Bengaluru.,

Location Details:

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