Head to this Iconic Muddanna Hotel for 7 AM Piping Hot Pulav. You’ll forget your Biriyani

muddanna hotel

If we take the authentic Bengaluru culinary then for sure shot, Dose, Idli Vada, Puri Sagu, and Khara Bath are everyone’s favorite. You go to any ordinary hotel and ask for these items. Even in the worse case, they taste fairly good (though not the best). Like this, a large number of hotels have mastered the art, just fair to the middling. However, when it comes to items like Pulav, Puliyogre, and Shavige Bath, we find only a finger counting places to bet on. One such unique and iconic place in the city is Muddanna Hotel, also known as SLN lunch home. Come, let’s get into details and know more about Muddanna Hotel on today’s read.

The Menu of Muddanna Hotel

It is largely known for its stomach convincing Pulav served piping hot on a plantain leaf. It comes with Muddanna’s signature style and nowhere in the city, you find Pulav of this kind. Not loaded with masala and vegetables, it looks simple but tastes great. It will be served with Chutney which is simply unbeatable.

Muddanna Hotel

It is said to have started in the mid-90s and till date, they have pretty much maintained the taste owing to changing time and trend. One specialty of Muddanna is their combos and it will be with Idly, Pulav, and Kharabath. Combos have names like ‘Shankar Guru’, ‘Thrimurthy’, ‘Chaturmkukha’ which goes with Dr.Rajkumar’s popular movies. In fact, Dr.Rajkumar used to visit this place for Pulav and that’s the loyalty it has.

Bet on Muddanna’s Thatte Idly

Muddanna hotel is equally famous for Thatte Idlies. Interestingly, Idli will be cut into 4 pieces and served separately with chutney and Bombay saagu. Mark our words, you will enjoy it a lot. When you enter this hotel, you hear phrases like ‘Ardha Pulav’, ‘Innu Swalpa Chutney’, ‘Ardha Chitranna Parcel’ and the vibe around is truly magical. Yes, you can order half pulav, half puliyogre, and that’s the best part of Muddanna Hotel.

muddanna hotel

Coming to the ambiance, please don’t go with it. It is a home kind of place with no proper seating arrangement as such, but who cares? The moment you take the first bite of pulao, you will forget everything around. We have heard that Vangi Bath here tastes great and next time, we gonna try that too.

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So, when you are near Majestic, just off SP Road in the Sunkalept main road, people can directly point you to Muddanna Hotel or SLN lunch home. Come here once in the morning or any time to have the best Pulav, Thatte Idly, Puligore, and Khara Bath.

Open: 7 AM – 2 PM & 7 AM – 11 AM (Sundays)

Where: 45/2, Sunkalpet Main Road, City Market, Bengaluru.

Location Details:

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