Bengaluru’s Iconic Lake View Milk bar Since 1930 is City’s Favorite for Ice Creams and Desserts

Are you a person who is an adherent Dessert lover living in Bengaluru? Are you a person who craves for yummy desserts after a heavy dinner? Do you have that sweet tooth for the delicious sundae, ice creams, and waffles? Too many questions are it? But we have only one answer for these and that is the legendary Lake view Milk bar. This is a Dessert bar located in the MG Road satisfying the sweet cravings of Bengalureans for over eight decades. There are so many memories attached to this and if you have lived in Old Bangalore then this had to be your favorite place in the city.

Bengaluru’s Iconic Lake View Milk bar Since 1930

Lake view milk bar was started by James Meadow Charles, an Englishman, in 1930, in Bengaluru with three flavors of ice cream; vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry. It was a moving shop where ice creams were sold in carts that were cycled around the city.


In 1947, when India got independence, the Britishers had to move back to England. So, Mr.James sold his business to a 19-year old local named Vrajlal Jamnadas. He bought the shop, carts, and recipes for start-up and he would never have thought that it will last for 8 decades. Now, the Grandson of Vrajlal Jamnadas is running the business (Anish) along with his mother Kalpana.

Lake View Milk bar

Anish recalls, “I’ve grown up with Lake view. I would come to the store and run around and have fun. In fact, I learned cycling on MG Road. I’d come here and trouble my dad to take me out. Back then there was no traffic. So, it is not just about Lake view but this whole experience of growing up on MG Road.”

(Source: The News Minute)


Nostalgia and Ulsoor Lake

You might be wondering as for why this Milk bar is named as the Lake view milk bar. Actually, there is a parable to it. The first Lake view branch was set up opposite to the Ulsoor lake, just in a place where you now see the gleaming 1 MG Mall. During those times, the lake was clearly visible from the parlor, and thus the reason for its name, ‘Lake view Milk Bar’. In the 1970s, it was moved to MG Road where it is still operated from. Today, you see branches of Lake view milk bar but the first branch is a true nostalgia for Old Bangaloreans.

Lake View Milk bar

Honey Moon Special

“Till now people come and say to me, “We had our first date here and we had the Honeymoon special.” – Kalpana recalls. Milkbar’s menu might have extended today but back in those days, this shop was known for its authentic ice creams, desserts, and Cakes. It was one of the favorite places in the city for couples and we are sure that this place might have witnessed countless love stories baking on its table.

Popular Flavors – Then and Now

There has been a change in the menu of Lake view but the taste hasn’t. People who visit with a lot of expectations should note that this is a Dessert bar. Items like burger, pizza or Chicken doesn’t taste good here but you name any Dessert, it will never fall flat to impress you. Recently, they have added cutlets, sandwiches, fruit salads and many more items to their menu.


lake view milk bar MG Road

The popular flavors continue to be are Chocolate, Vanilla, Pista and raspberry and in shakes and cakes, there are red velvet, cheese, oreo, black-forest and truffle variants. Among all these, the crowd-pullers are Brownie, Sundaes and Black-forest special cake. They used to serve the mind-blowing fruit ice creams but today, you don’t find that on the menu and it is so sad.

Lake View Milk bar

Kumar Morjaria writes, “For old timers like me, I remember the days when MG Road was wide open and ice cream was served to the cars across the road. I went there for about 35 years and was very surprised that it was still in existence and all my favorites were still on the menu.”

It is Open Till 12 AM in the Night

Among a very few late-night open food points in Bengaluru, Lake view Bar is famous for a reason that desserts are available till 12 AM. Whenever a craving arises for desserts late night then simply head to this place. People say it is overrated and not up to the mark but for us, Lake view milk bar is love and delight, every time we give a visit.


Open: 9 AM – 12 AM

Where: Kannan Building, MG Road | 8th Block, Opp Bethany School, 80 feet road, Koramangala | Near ING Vysya Bank, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar.

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