10 Iconic Jodis Of Kannada Film Industry Who Have Left A Lasting Impression On The People

jodis of kfi

Kannada Film Industry, much before it was known as Sandalwood, has produced quite a few iconic jodis. The iconic Jodis dominated the box office and never let the audience have a dull moment while they were on screen. In the piece, we look at some of the Jodis which has earned the Iconic status.

Dr. Rajkumar and Bharathi Vishnuvardhan

Individually, there is no doubt that they are tremendous actors but every time they came on screen together, they left a lasting impression on the people. They starred together in almost 35+ films!

They were the romantic idols in the minds of the youngsters back then. Some of their iconic films include Bhale Jodi, Kula Gowrava, Swayamvara, Shri Krishna Deva Raya, and others.

jodis of kfi

Sreenath and Manjula

Both of them have been a part of 42 films together. In those, some of the films had them as secondary characters and in some, they were not paired opposite each other but the ones they were paired proved to be a cracker for the producers. Some of their most adored films include Besuge and Neerikshe.

jodis of kfi

Anant Nag and Lakshmi

One of the most loved on-screen couples of the Kannada Film Industry, Anant Nag, and Lakshmi is considered to be icons of romance in their age. With Anant Nag’s innocence and Lakshmi’s grace, the frame came to life. Their most memorable outings are Chandanada Gombe and Naa ninna bidalaare.

jodis of kfi

Darshan and Rakshitha

In spite of doing only four movies together, the combination of Darshan and Rakshitha gained popularity pretty soon among the masses. More than the romance, it was the chemistry between them in the comedic scenes which appealed to the people. Out of their four films, Suntaragaali is said to have the most enjoyable performances of the pair.

jodis of kfi

Dwarkeesh and Vishnuvardhan

They are perhaps the most adored male couple of the Industry. Their friendship on screen was pretty much the same as off screen. A series of films were made to cater to the fans of their Jodi. Kalla Kulla, Kittu Puttu and off course Apthamitra.

jodis of kfi

Anant Nag and Ramesh Bhat

Who can forget the film Ganesha Subramanya! As brothers who want to stay unmarried for the rest of their lives, both Anant Nag and Ramesh Bhat are brilliant. Over the years, the sequences in this film have become a cult. The images are imprinted in our memory. They also collaborated for 46 other films.

jodis of kfi

Yash and Radhika Pandit

The only Jodi in the list which went onto becoming an off-screen Jodi as well, Yash and Radhika have been paired opposite each other since their Television days. They debuted in the same film; Moggina Manasu. All four of their films have been a smashing success at the box office. The other films which they acted opposite to each other are Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari, Santhu Straight Forward and Drama.

jodis of kfi

Chikkanna and Sharan

Kannada Industry time and again have given immensely talented comedic actors and Chikkanna is the recent addition to that. His pair with Sharan has already become iconic within a short span of time. For the masses, it is a treat to watch this pair on celluloid and for both the actors, it has become a tradition to keep doing movies together. Their most popular movies are Adhyaksha and Rambo 2.

jodis of kfi

Sunil and Malashri

Before the tragic death of Sunil, both he and Malashri gave a series of films with which they soon became a bankable couple. Many believe that they brought freshness to the screen. A couple which looked cute acted well and fit the parts; a combination the makers still search for. Their collaboration consisted of Mana Mechhide Sose, Belli Kalangura, and Sindhoora Tilaka.

jodis of kfi

Ambareesh and Vishnuvardhan

One film is all it takes to be called iconic. Ambareesh and Vishnuvardhan is probably the best example. Though they were a part of 24 films already, it is the film Diggajaru and the song kuchiku which quickly made them the icons of friendship. The friendship came from their already long existing friendship in real life. A Jodi would continue to be iconic in their own ways.

jodis of kfi

So, which is your favorite Jodi? Let us know in the comments below. Keep watching MetroSaga for more articles of this kind.



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