This Tiny Cart in Bengaluru Serves Chocolate Dose And Instead Of Chutney You’ll Get A Scoop Of Ice Cream

ice cream bonda in bangalore

Our city has an amazing blend of cuisines that have made street food here extremely appealing to all foodies. Our city has amazing street foods that will blow your mind away. The cosmopolitan city has a mixture of people from all over the country and thus sees a delightful fusion of cuisines that surprisingly work well together. Recently, a very notable chef-restaurateur – Manu Chandra spoke of how any successful restaurant or food trend in Bengaluru would easily find traction all over the country as well. Here, we put a special spotlight on Amarnath Chats which has become famous in the city. Thanks to its wacky yet delicious menu. (Featured image credits – Little Black Book)

1. The Ice Cream Bonda

Yes, you read that right. Fried ice-cream is no longer the dessert that’s eaten in upscale restaurants. At Amarnath Chats, this is a favorite amongst customers who love eating cold ice cream covered with a crunchy and hot exterior shell topped with nuts and chocolate sauce. The dish is amazing and quite unusual to find in a cart serving street food.


2. The chocolate Idly

Who says Idly cannot be eaten as a dessert? Here, you get idlys with a surprise. They are stuffed with chocolate. Fortunately, there is no sambar that comes with this dish but a generous serving of ice cream. Truly a delight though most are cautious and hesitant till they have the first bite. After the first bite, you will not be able to stop someone from going for more of that delicious chocolate idly.

ice cream bonda in bangalore

3. Chocolate Dosey

If the chocolate idly had you shaking your head, wait till you hear about the chocolate dosey. This dish is served with ice cream (no surprises there) and is usually covered with a lot of strawberry jam. The ice-cream dosa is also a hit amongst customers along with the ice cream bonda. One can enjoy flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry jelly from one bite of a dosey.

ice cream bonda in bangalore
Credits – Nitish Reddy

4. Mosaru Kodabele

Here, you get rice sticks with delicious chutney and masala. When the sweets are too overpowering, you can enjoy some traditional Karnataka snacks here too.


ice cream bonda in bangalore
Credits: Reena Dantas

5. Chilli Bhajji

Of course, one cannot have the complete street food experience without some of the Chilli Bhajjis here which are spicy and flavourful. The contrast of the menu is beautiful for you to get spicy food as well as sweet food in one place.

6. Madike idly

Here, the idly is cooked in small earthen pots which are flavored with rose. The earthen pots lend a unique flavor and experience to having the idly. Amarnath Chats is certainly filled with surprises.

If you want to try out dishes from this delicious menu, come to Amarnath Chats in RV Road, Jayanagar. It serves customers from around 7 am in the morning to 10:30 pm at night. The dishes here are flavourful and quite cheap which makes the shop an instant hit.


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