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“I will give you in writings” Mumbai-based exhibitor Manoj Desai makes huge prediction on Martin

Mumbai-based exhibitor Manoj Desai makes a huge prediction about Martin. Praises Dhruva Sarja and calls him the next Pan-India star.

Manoj Desai praises Dhruva Sarja

Mumbai-based veteran film exhibitor Manoj Desai, who owns one of the most iconic theatres in the city — Maratha Mandir — has spoken up about Dhruva Sarja starrer Martin.


“Dhruva Sarja looks kick ass in the film’s teaser. It appears he has more body than Dara Singh (former Indian wrestler). I have already become a fan of this guy,” he said.

Manoj Desai further explains why this Kannada actor will be the next big thing in Indian cinema. He says, “I will give you in writing this actor will be a superstar. A man who truly believes in his instinct and works hard, I always admire such people.”

The impact of Martin

Speaking of Martin that has come from the Kannada Film Industry, Manoj believes Kannada films have always done well in his Maratha Mandir. It could be KGF, Kantara, Vikrant Rona, and 777 Charlie, no films have disappointed his expectations. “Martin teaser looks fantastic. The film will come in flying colors and action. People will have to watch this film twice because there will be whistles and cheers everywhere and you won’t be able to listen to dialogues for the first time,” Manoj says.



“Just like Pathaan had 4000 audiences inside and 4000 outside theaters, Martin will ‘Insha Allah’ do the same,” he concludes.

Here’s the video: