” I Will Continue Writing Love Letters To India “, Vir Das Clears His Stance On The Hatred Against Him

One of the ace comedians from India Vir das is definitely not an unknown face and was on the nes lately for his controversial remarks on two India and that had triggered severals across the world. Some took his comment in a sarcastic way while some started abusing Vir das online and was at the epicenter of hatred for a few days now. Owing to such lashes from a particular side, Vir Das responded by saying that he won’t budge from making such comments in the future and that it is his job to make people laugh, which he will continue to do in full enthusiasm.

Vir Das In No Mood To Budge From His Job

Das is currently in New York for the International Emmy Awards 2021, where he has been nominated in the Comedy section for his Netflix special Vir Das: For India. Speaking to the media for the first time since the ‘I Come From Two Indias’ controversy, stand-up comedian Vir Das said that he has made his country laugh for ten years now and hopes to continue writing “love letters” to India.


“I think laughter is a celebration. When laughter and applause fill up a room, that’s a moment of pride. Any Indian who has a sense of humour, understands satire or watches my entire video, knows that’s what happened in that room,” the comedian said, regarding the controversial video in an interview with a leading news agency.

Some Supported Das, While Some Criticised

His recent act, which was put out on YouTube, ‘I Come From Two Indias’ landed the comedian in trouble, with two complaints – in Delhi and Mumbai – lodged against him. While actor Kangana Ranaut called him a ‘criminal’ for his comments, stating it was “soft terrorism”, the comedian drew support from the likes of Kapil Sibal and Shashi Tharoor.

“I can’t expect what happens when I put out a piece of content — it’s jokes, it’s not in my hands,” Das stated. “I think a comedian puts out satire, it has the good of the country and the bad of the country, ending in the good of the country…that’s something you should want to come together in,” Das said. “I have made my country laugh for 10 years now. I have devoted my life to writing about my country. We are here at the Emmys because I wrote a love letter to my country. As long as I am able to do my comedy, I want to keep writing love letters to my country,” Das added In His Interview.



Source : TOI