“I went Out To Support Her” Amulya’s Friend Over Displaying Controversial Placard

source: toi

On Friday, a graphic designer from Bengaluru was arrested for publicizing a controversial placard, represented to show support for her friend Amulya Leona Noronha, who taken under custody over the pro-Pakistan chant.

Friend of Amulya 

The person identified as Ardra Narayanan carried a banner which read: “Muslim, Dalit, Kashmiri, Bahujan, Adivasi, Trans Liberation Now”.

The 24-year-old, who is said to be a close friend to Amulya, shared similar views on what happened weeks ago.

source: toi

The freelance graphic designer has reportedly told the local police that this protest was meant to counter-protests by right-wing organizations against her friend at Town Hall.

“I went to the spot with the placard knowing that these people were protesting and wanted to counter it by extending support to Amulya,” Ardra said.

Booked under laws violation 

Later, Ardra was charged under sections 153A and 153B of the Indian Penal Code. She has been remanded in judicial custody till March 5.

source: toi

Further, officers also visited Ardra’s resident in Malleswaram and seized some pieces of cardboard and paint, which was used to make the placard.

Officials added that they were trying to identify the organization and individuals who supposedly inspired Ardra.



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