“I was ‘Cheated’ by my directors”, Darshan Explains How He Was Offered ‘Copied’ Scripts

Kranti, Challenging Star Darshan’s first pan-India movie, is set to release on Republic Day 2023. While promoting his film, the Kannada actor speaks about times when he was tricked by his filmmakers with remake scripts.

Remake scripts for Darshan

Darshan is widely regarded as one of Kannada cinema’s biggest stars. He is loved by many because of his larger-than-life reel image and effective performances. But there are also times when the superstar was tricked by his filmmakers with remake scripts.


“There are different types of people who come to me with a story. One: who has a good story but does not know to execute it or bring it onto the screen. Second: who are good at executing but have a third-class story. I don’t randomly select a movie,” said Darshan

“There was a time when I agreed to a film that had a good story. I was quite impressed when they narrated me the script. So, I agreed and went for the shoot scheduled in Goa. In my hotel room, while I was watching TV, I was shocked. There was a movie that was too similar to the story I was told by my director. It was then I realized the story was embezzled from another movie,” Darshan explained.

“I don’t really watch outside films so I am unversed with stories available for the audience. These kinds of filmmakers cheat me and don’t even inform me if my film is a remake or not. I am helpless with this situation”


Here’s the video:

All about Kranti

Challenging Star Darshan’s Kranti is still two months away from its grand release, but the popularity of Kranti has already started, with the actor kick-starting promotions. At a time when mainstream media is still maintaining a distance from the actor (he’s banned because of an abusive voice clip), Kranti promotions are being owned by digital media and social media influencers only.

The film is set to open in theatres on January 26, 2023. This is his first pan-India movie. Kranti is an actioner, directed by Harikrishna. The filmmaker also serves as its music director.