‘I Have A Problem With Jadeja Like Players’, Says Sanjay Manjrekar And Here’s Why


Commentator and Former Indian Cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar were in controversy for a statement on current Indian allrounder Ravindra Jadeja. He has once again been in the news for another statement against the same player.

The comment of Manjrekar that Ravindra Jadeja is a bits-and-pieces cricketer had landed him in trouble last year. Jadeja had even responded to the comment on Twitter. Later that year, he also had a spat with fellow commentator Harsha Bhogle. Because of the two incidents, he was dropped from the commentary team of BCCI. Clarifying about his statement on Jadeja, he said,


“I do not have a problem with Jadeja; I have a problem with his kind of cricketers in white-ball cricket. Even Hardik Pandya will not be on my team. They add illusionary value to the team. Of course, I have always rated Jadeja highly in the test format.”


‘My Fault Totally’

He also revealed that removing from the commentary team isn’t new to this. He went onto say that,

“Not many people know that I have been removed twice before as well. It was for something that I had tweeted. It is not easy, of course, but in many ways, I have become thick-skinned about such things. I will hold myself responsible for, in all my twenty years of commentary, is the Harsha Bhogle incident, where I allowed him to get under my skin and said something that was not in good taste.”

He also said that it was his fault for calling the game last year for which he paid the price. He said,

“When you play cricket, you know what a good year is because you have statistics to endorse that. But the commentary is not like that; it is about how your analysis is or how your predictions fare. Last year, the problem was that the moment I said something would happen, the opposite of that would take place. I equate that with having a bad run. However, my thought process has been the same ever since I started out as a commentator.”