I Fled Afghanistan To Avoid Being Hanged Like Najibullah: Ashraf Ghani

As soon as Taliban took control over Afghanistan;president Ashraf Ghani fled the country and after a day the news was broke out as he was welcomed by UAE.His fleeing from the country broke many speculations on him being a coward and leaving the people of the country to their fate.Well some criticised him of carrying a lump of money along with him while evading the country.Denying all the allegations three days after he surfaced in front of the people via a video which he recorded from UAE.

Ghani Shares His Message Through A Video Clip

In a video statement posted on Facebook from the United Arab Emirates, Ghani recounted the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Sunday.


“Taliban members, with unrecognizable faces and speaking an unidentifiable language, entered the presidential palace,” Ghani said. “They were looking from room to room to find me. The decision was this: Whatever happened 25 years ago was going to be repeated. The Afghan president was going to be hanged.”He was referring to former Afghan President Mohammad Najibullah, who was hanged by Taliban forces the last time they took control of the country, in 1996.

Ashraf Ghani Defending His Decision

Ghani further defended his decision to leave, saying that he wanted to prevent violence and the destruction of the capital once the Taliban entered the city.”You all know that I was never scared and I will never be scared,” Ghani said.

“I did not want to put Afghanistan’s dignity on the line.My wish is for Afghan people to have peace and prosperity and for bloodshed to end,” he said, adding that he hopes Afghanistan will become a “safe and advanced country.”


Ghani in conversation with Talibanis earlier this year

Ghani denied all the accusations of the people where he was called a coward who fled the country with a huge sum of money an replied;”I left in such a way that I didn’t even have time to remove my sandals and put on my shoes. My most valuable items — my books and hundreds of notebooks and my private laptop — unfortunately I was unable to take with me. Everything is left in the hands of other people.”

At the end of his video message Ghani assured the people that he will be returning back to Afghanistan which earlier the year he called it as “My home and grave”.He claims to have been searching for a viable solution for the condition and asks his citizens to stay strong and pray that the brutal bloodsheds come to an end.