“I felt like a failure”, Sunny Leone shares her Surrogacy story

Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber are the happy parents of 3 children, one Nisha Kaur Weber, whom they adopted in 2017 from Latur, Maharashtra, and the twins Noah and Asher who they welcomed via surrogacy in 2018.

Sunny after a long period of three years has shared the story of her surrogacy which she expressed was a tough experience for her and her husband. In an interview with the Bollywood Bubble, she said “it was heartbreaking for Daniel and me because it was not going as planned.” She said that the couple had to explore adoption as it was not going as planned.


The process for the couple took about a year and a half from the beginning to the end. They had six eggs – four girls and two boys. The actress claimed that they did IVF (Invitro fertilization) for the girls and it was heartbreaking to see the girls not turn into babies. Sunny claimed that her husband and she felt like failures and were heartbroken about it.

The couple after a long wait was told that they were having two boys and a girl which they accepted as God’s Plan! She revealed to the Free Press Journal that she always wanted to have three children and God has answered her prayers!
Asher and Noah are her twin Boys that the couple welcomed post this tough period and did not have much luck with the girl, but Sunny is now a happy mother of 3 kids!

Sunny has been surrounded by new controversies particularly for treading different paths in life and this was one of the tough paths she picked where she chose to be a mother in an unconventional way by setting an example for so many other women of the country.


When asked about the Free Press Journal about her relationship with Nisha for today and the future, she said that Nisha will know that Sunny is not her Biological Mother and will be given all the information about the same when needed, but she will also be told that she is connected to her through the soul.

Source: Bollywood Bubble
Free Press Journal