‘I drink before I write My Scripts’: Prashanth Neel’s Brutal Honesty Is Winning Internet

As the release date of ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ inches closer, the craze around the film is only getting bigger with each passing day. With the Yash starrer slated for a worldwide release on April 14, Prashanth Neel, director of the KGF: Chapter 2, reveals the story behind the scriptwriting of the film.

Honest about the story

Being a director of the film, how was KGF an inspiration to you? How did all the story emerge within you?” asked News First Kannada anchor, Somanna Machimada.


“I don’t know about that, I have completely forgotten what had happened. But speaking honestly about the story, I hope this doesn’t offend people but I did all the writing while I was drunk,” revealed Prashanth Neel.

“Usually I write my stories after having liquor. If in case the story looks high even the next day in the morning, I will go forward with it. So this might have happened as I don’t remember most of it,” he adds.

KGF as a subject

Speaking on how KGF was taken as a subject or how it all started, the Yash starrer movie director answers some unheard facts.


“Initially, it never started with the name KGF. I always had a thought of this ambitious character Rocky, who wanted to build an empire of his own. This empire itself was then named KGF. So Rocky came first before KGF and not vice versa.”

“While shooting the second half of the film Ugramm (Sri Murali starrer), we had been to the Kolar Gold Fields. While being in the gold mines which are now under halt, many people told me stories of the place from the past, including the British intervention. Since then I made this place a backdrop for Yash’s character.”

Prashanth Neel later thanked the technical team of KGF for making this movie more special and bringing his perspective out to the audience in a creative way.