‘I Can Control My Boyfriend In Fingertips’, Here’s The Old Video Of Rhea That Is Going Viral Now

An old video of Rhea Chakraborty has surfaced where she is speaking in the Mumbai tapori language and saying that she is the real don and will have control over her boyfriend.

The video has been viral on social media where Rhea is seen talking among her friends. The video looks like one single take and has not been cut in any way. However, the video doesn’t have any context of place, atmosphere. In the video, Rhea is speaking in the typical Bombaiyya dialect and is seen speaking about her brother, parents, and boyfriend.


The video that is over four-minute-long, Rhea mentions how she is a don and will control her boyfriend at fingertips. However, the context is yet unknown but it has caused an uproar in social media and has added fire to the burning fuel of allegations against her by Sushant’s family.

The investigation of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is taking unexpected twists day after day. In a new twist, the former servant of Sushant Singh Rajput has said that Rhea Chakraborty fired him.

Rhea (6)

Servant’s Allegation

As per a report by the media outlet Times Now, one of the servants who was working with Sushant Singh Rajput in his Versova house has told the Bihar police that ever since Rhea came into his life, the expenses of Sushant shot up drastically. The servant claimed to have been handling the expenses of the actor but when Rhea entered his life, she questioned him for using the money and shunned him away.


He was once visiting his village for some personal reasons after which he was not allowed to resume later. The report by Times Now also suggests that the entire staff of Sushant was changed just three months prior to his death. The servants have also alleged that Sushant was refrained from helping them by Rhea Chakraborty.