‘I Am Unaware Of Any Link Between Drug Mafia And Industry’, Says Kannada Superstar Shivarajkumar


In the recent few days, the conversation about drug mafia in the Kannada film industry has sparked by filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh. Now, Sandalwood superstar Shivrajkumar has broken his silence about the matter.

Reacting to the allegations made by Indrajit Lankesh, Kannada superstar has responded saying that allegations and revelations should be made only if there is any evidence backing the allegations. He said,


“Make the details you have public, instead of issuing statements.”

‘Unaware Of Any Link’


Shivrajkumar said that he was unaware of any link between the film industry and the drug mafia. He further said if there is any link, it should be investigated by the police and the action must be taken. In a function of a launch a portal for the Kannada film Kabza directed by R Chandru, Shivrajkumar spoke about the steps he has taken to tackle the drug mafia in the industry. He said,

“I am not a police officer. All artistes have to realize the ill-effects of drugs for themselves. They should love their lives. As far as I am concerned, I have to love my life. It is God’s gift to me. Those who attend shooting for my movies are focused on work. I have not come across people using drugs. I was not aware of the existence of the drug mafia.”

He said that he hasn’t come across any artistes who use drugs but he also said that he cannot say that none of the artistes use it. He also said that it is good and bad everywhere but it is up to one individual to choose the right thing for him. He said,

“We should know what to take and what not to. Even if drugs are taken for recreating, one should not cross the limit. We should be role models for society.”


Source: Bangalore Mirror