Hydraulic Slip Ring And its Specification

hydraulic slip ring

The hydraulic slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that required continues rotation, unrestrained, transfer power, data, gas fluid, and intermittent, etc. This type of slip ring can transfer the gas, power, fluid, and liquid, advanced sealing that make sure to transfer reliability. It offered an extremely low resistance electrically that is why the electrical conduction part is liquid.

It is bounded the contact molecularly. The brushes that are used in slip ring rings are commonly composed of the metal rings which are attached with graphite and metal brush rubs. These slip rings transferred the electrical signals and current. It has 1 to 24 channels that are optional. It has 360 Degree transmission power that is used to compresses the hot oil, water, positive pressure, negative pressure, cool water, signal, power, data, and etc. the main application of hydraulic slip ring is packing machine, automation equipment, CNC machine, and etc. the brushes are typically simple in use.


These slip rings may face some problems like oxidation, high electrical resistance, resistance fluctuation that cause electrical noise and include wearing problem. It is usually used as an incompressible fluid that is performed work for displaced the areas and will create the rotary and linear movement of actuators. This kind of slip ring is similar to transmit fluid power and electrical slip ring from stationary to rotating parts.

This is also known as the fluid rotary union (FRU). The stationary tube {stator} is attached with fluid pressure. The stator is single or multi-ported rotating part {rotor} of the slip ring. It has many applications that are attached with huge use for transferring not only the hydraulic slip ring but also the electrical cables through a combined slip ring.

Here some information about some pneumatic/ hydraulic slip rings channels:

1- MP1 series of the hydraulic/ pneumatic slip ring
It is attached with 1 channel fluid, and gas that is combines with signal and power in a continuous rotating system. And the signal circuit is customized; its level is about IP51, IP68, IP65, and etc.


• It has no influence on each other
• It is a customized solution with affordable prizes
• It transfers the power to hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrically at the same time almost when 360 Degree unrestricted rotation.
• It has also a whole structure option.

MP1 Benefits

• It performs Rapid delivery
• It has low torque
• It is compact
• It has 360 Degree continuous rotation


MP1 Features

1. Its pressure is about 0 to 5000 PSI
2. It has stainless steel, aluminum alloy, housing, and shaft
3. The media is liquid, hot oil, signal, gas, and power
4. Its working temperature is about – 20 Degree to 80 Degree Celsius

The standard hydraulic slip rings


1- Liquid rotary union
It is designed to transmit the gas, water, oil, and other fluid items. It is combined with a slip ring
2- Bore rotary union
It is the Id which is about 10 to 30mm. it is customized for big bore size. That can pass through different fluids
3- The general purpose rotary union
It is used to passes all kind of liquid included fluid, water, and gas. It has a special sealing technology.
4- The compact GP rotary union
It is designed in a compact size. It can also transmit all types of fluid {water, gas, liquid}
5- The high-pressure rotary union
It is specially designed for high-pressure fluid included stainless steel standard structure
6- Singly passage of the rotary union
It has a single channel of the rotary union. It is light in weight, small in size, aluminum housing, and stainless steel shaft.
7- Food rotary union
It is designed especially for the food industry and provides them 360 Degree rotating transmission for different food fluids.
8- The high flow volume rotary union
It is designed for high volume transmission and its connection size is g3/4, other big standards are 1/3/4/6/8.

Here explain different models of the high-speed slip ring.