Hyderabad Man Uses Zomato To Get Free Ride, Later Praised By Twitter

Surprisingly the food delivery app Zomato has recently made some positive news despite remaining on debatable controversies. On an unusual event, a Hyderabad youth got a free ride from Zomato when he was struggling to find a cab at midnight to reach his home. Twitter hails the idea of the young man and the Zomato app called it a ‘modern solution’.

A Modern-day solution by Zomato

A young man named Obesh Komirisetty was struggling to get autos at 11:50 pm from Inorbit Mall (somewhere in Hyderabad) to reach his home. He opened a cab service application Uber and looked for possible rides, unfortunately, the fair was above Rs 300. Obesh, who was also hungry decided to open the Zomato app and order an Egg Dosa from a nearby restaurant. The delivery personnel reached out Obesh to deliver the food. The Hyderabadi youth then requested the Zomato guy to drop him off to his location to which Delivery guy agreed.


It was around 11.50 pm, I am at Inorbit Mall road and looking for an auto but couldn’t find anything to reach my room….

Posted by Obesh Komirisetty on Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Obesh wrote about the incident in his facebook account which was adored by many. The story was praised by the official Zomato Twitter handle as well which tweeted: “Modern problems require modern solutions” and added a GIF.

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