Hyderabad accused: “Hang him, he is dead to me”, says the family of the accused

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Rape and Murder of a female veterinarian, a horrifying incident from Hyderabad as sparked anger in every citizen in the country. The 26-year-old doctor was hit on the head, raped and killed by four men. They later burnt her corpse under a highway.

The police have arrested all the four accused on 29th November. The criminals are identified as Mohammad Areef, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen, and Chintakunta Chennakesavulu.

A wicked and a cruel incident 

The 4 had intentionally punctured the tire of the woman’s two-wheeler after which they had offered her help. After a while, they took her into a bush near a highway and switched her phone off. As the woman kept crying for help, the men forced whiskey down into her throat to quiet her, a report said.

source: indiatoday

They took turns to assault her till she fell numb. When she came back to senses, the men strangled her to death. The accused continued to abuse her even after she was dead. They then covered the body in a blanket, loaded it onto the truck and carried it 27 km away. They placed it under a bridge and set it on fire with petrol around 2:30 am.

What families of the accused say

Accused 1

Jollu Shiva one of the accused, was a cleaner who worked alongside the 3 others. He has also raped the doctor. He later went and got the petrol from a petrol bunk and also set her dead body on fire at Shadnagar road.

His father Jollu Rajapa is very ashamed of the incident, he said “I felt embarrassed as the policemen went on insulting us. They asked us why we let our child go down the wrong path, that we should have taught fear in him, that we should have put him in a different line of work. They kept asking us why we let our child go amiss. I did not say anything. I just looked down and listened. What can I say? Is this why we wanted a son?”

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His sister looked very angry, she wanted no mercy to be given to his brother, “Kill him. What else should they do? After what he has done, what else does he deserve? Kill him.”

Accused 2

Jollu Naveen the second accused, was also a relative to Jollu Shiva. Jollu Rajapa went to the police station as he also represented Naveen, his sister’s son.

Remembering on how Naveen behaved after returning on 28 November, Laxmi, Naveen’s mother says, “He didn’t give any signs of shame, guilt or anything. He was absolutely alright. He didn’t say anything to me about what happened the previous night. He ate, did his normal tasks as he normally does, and went off to sleep.”

source: thequint

“How dare he do something like this? How dare he even think of something like this? I am in disbelief that my son could be this person but I am so much angrier. He should be punished,” she added.

Accused 3

Chinakunta Chennakeshavulu the third accused was also a part of the entire crime.
Looking troubled, his mother, Jayamma said that he should be strictly punished. “He made a mistake. He should be punished.”

She told that Chennakeshavulu (who is already married) came home that night of the incident and slept, but never said anyone in the family, including his wife about what had happened.

source: thequint

Repeating what all the others said, Jayamma says, “There is no one who can understand the pain of a child being taken away from her mother. I am in pain and I do not understand why and how he could do this, however, he must be strictly punished,” she says.

Accused 4

Mohammad Areef the fourth accused had a different scene as compared to others. He had already informed his mother that he had killed a woman when he got home a day later. His mother said, “My son arrived home on the morning of 29 November, around 1 in the morning. He looked terrified and kept telling us he killed someone. Mohammad said, ‘I was taking my lorry from one side and on the opposite side, a bike was coming with a woman sitting on it. I hit her and I killed her’.”

source: thequint




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