Humanity Prevails : Hindu, Muslim Women Donate Kidneys To Save Each Other’s Husbands In Dehradun

Humans are the true makers of their idols and religion based divisions around the world. Imagine a day , a city, a country without any religion, casteism and racism. People are loving each other, living peacefully with no apprehensions and having mutual respect for each other. Well, India is the only country in the world with so many religions and casts showcasing absolute diversity, however some claim that there is always unrest between Hindus and Muslims who are actively blaming each other for their failures but a recent incident from Uttarakhand will actually melt your heart.

A True Sense Of Humanity

In the beautiful city of Dehradun, a Hindu and a Muslim women helped each other to show the true essence of humanity while communal hatred prevails in air. Sushma Uniyal and Sultana Ali were on a common quest to find a kidney donor for their husbands but after running from pillar to post, they couldn’t find a match even after months.



Bonds beyond religion

The two wives, homemakers from Dehradun, failed to find a match, and due to incompatibility issues, they could not donate kidneys to their husbands. “Both men’s wives were willing to donate kidneys for their husbands but their blood groups were not matching. It so happened that Vikas Uniyal’s wife Sushma’s blood group matched Ashraf Ali’s, and Ali’s wife Sultana’s blood group matched Uniyal’s,” Dr Shahbaz Ahmed, senior nephrologist at Dehradun’s Himalayan Hospital.

They Exchanged Their Kidneys

When it turned out Vikas’s wife Sushma was a match for Ashraf, and Ashraf’s wife Sultana for Vikas, the duo transpanted kidneys of each othwr and are currently doing well. The swap was possible only after the Transplantation of Human Organs Act in 2011. The nature has its own fundamental rule, it does not see any kind of discrimination, whether it be hindu or a muslim at last we are all kids of that supreme force guiding us.