These 7 Ways of How You Eat Masala Dose will tell your Personality. Curious?

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If I’m asked to mention one food item which I can eat anytime without getting bored means then easily it is Masala Dose. The craze and love for this breakfast item are so high in Bengaluru that the city can be readily named as ‘ The Masala Dose Capital of India.’ There is no hotel in Bengaluru or in any part of Karnataka where Masala Dose is not served. In this context, one study says that the way you eat Masala Dose can actually define your personality. Oh, really? Come, let’s check it out.

7 ways of eating Masala Dose and your Personality behind

1. You open the Masala Dose and eat it

If you are a person who opens the Masala Dose and eats it then yours is an open book personality. It means that you hide no secrets and you are always keen on telling who you are and how is your life to the society.


Masala Dosa

2. You start from both the end and approach the Masala later

If you fall into this category then you are an optimistic person and wait for the good things to come your way.

ways of eating masala dosa

3. You start from the middle and then proceed to both ends

In this case, you are a person who is sure about the life and career. You plan well and basically, you know what you want and what you don’t in your life. One more trait attached to this style is that you freak out early which can be avoided.

Masala Dosa

4. You make sure that Masala lasts for the whole Dosa

Here, you are a perfectionist and always strive to attain a certain balance in your life. A person who is not easily distracted and people cannot make you happy or sad with ease. You are lonely and have a fear that someone may come and upset the balance in your life.


Masala Dosa

5. You do not share your Masala Dose

In this case, you are pretty protective in nature. You don’t want to interfere in unnecessary matters. You maintain the secrets well and try to hide your true nature for certain bounds and reasons.

masala dosa personality

6. You offer your first bite to others

Here, you are over-friendly and you like to be in a group. You are caring in nature and always think for the good of others.

Masala Dosa

7. You wait for others to make the first offer

You are a typical person and people find it hard to understand you. You’re a follower by nature and hesitate to open up. It doesn’t mean that you are an introvert but you always want others to start first.


Masala Dosa

So, found them interesting? So, next time when you are eating a Masala Dose, just check.

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