How to take care of your skin?


Conditioning creams are not enough if you intend to have healthy and beautiful skin. Below we show you how to take care of your body.

Protect your skin against sunlight

UV rays have a negative influence on skin health and condition. This is why you should not go outside unprotected on hot days. Perfume shops provide a wide range of creams with a filter. Choose the one that suits the type of your skin. Try not to be exposed to sunlight at midday.

Use a soft soap

Cheap soaps are known to dry skins up. They are too strong and irritate cuticle, particularly when rubbing intensively. It is advisable to lipid-rich soaps which have conditioning properties.

Shower better than a bath

When you have a bath, your skin tends to dehydrate. That is why you should take a shower instead. Bath is acceptable from time to time but you need to remember not to stay in the water for too long.

Do not rub your skin with a towel

Before you leave the shower cubicle, rinse your body completely so that there is no trace of soap or shampoo. Next, dry your skin gently with a towel, but do not rub it dry.

Moisturize your skin every day

Use moisturizers on a daily basis. Apply various creams shortly after you have had a shower. Thanks to them, you can help your cuticle regain hydrolipid coating which guarantees healthy and aesthetic looks. No matter if you have a dry, oily or normal skin – cosmetics shops offer preparations for all types of skin.

Wear warm clothes

Skin gets highly sensitive in late autumn and winter. Low temperatures and cold wind also affect its condition and looks. The cuticle may be tense and unpleasant. This is noticeable, especially on palms. For this reason, you must remember to wear thick gloves and warm clothes. Bare ankles in winter is a really bad idea!

Hydrate your organism

To make sure your skin is beautiful and healthy, you need to hydrate it not only from the outside. Drink a lot of water and other liquids. You should drink at least eight glasses a day.

Keep healthy eating habits

The looks of your skin are also influenced by a diet. Everyday meals should be well-balanced. A monotonous diet may lead to reduced immunity and diverse health-related issues. Eat antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables every day.

Get enough sleep

If you want to have healthy and neat skin, sleep well. Switch notifications off in your mobile in the evening and relax before you go to sleep. Choose a book instead of a smartphone. Try to find 8 hours a day for sleep.

Are you keen on other ways of improving skin condition? Go to and see what else you can do for your beauty.



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