How to Stay Healthy at Work?


Everyone must be aware of the proverb, “health is wealth”. If every day, you sit and work all day from 10–4, then taking special care of your bones and muscles are extremely needed. Without taking proper care, it would be impossible for you to work smoothly. Even your creativity, workability and concentration power will surely be faded from time to time.

Sitting constantly in the same place can cause problems like stress, hypertension, neck syndrome, putting on extra calories and insomnia. Now, have a glance over these following tips enlisted below to keep yourself healthy while working:


1. Take a break every hour:

Don’t sit in your desk for more than an hour. Get up and take a quick walk. You can also encourage other colleagues to accompany you for a short walk.

2. Use health equipment:

In today’s world, no work can be done without the help of digital gadgets, like computers, mobile phones, etc., and sitting in front of such gadgets cause immense neck and shoulder pain. To get rid of that, consider using health equipment, like enrichment heating pad at least twice a day. It will soothe and comfort your muscles, arms, etc. and help you to stay healthy and fit.

3. Exercise during work:

You can do two or three light exercises like touching your toes, marching in place for a few minutes, doing a good set of jumping jacks and stretching, etc.


4. Try to skip the elevator:

Take the stairs instead of elevators, escalators, and walkways. It can subtract your spending time at the gym.

5. Always eat healthy on time:

Having a healthy meal for lunch is an important part of a balanced diet. You can be very busy, and deadlines are approaching, but do not skip a meal, and also eating at a reasonable proportion is necessary for your health.

6. Don’t sit stiffly on the chair for long:

Tension Neck Syndrome can occur when the neck and upper shoulders are held in a fixed, awkward position for a long time. To prevent this, make sure your neck isn’t bent to one side for long periods. Get up from the chair, take short breaks in between and relax.


7. Prevent staring at your computer screen for long:

Continuous stare at the computer screen may cause eyestrain. Thus, to prevent eye strain, try to keep the screen from your eyes about an arm’s length away and lower the brightness of the screen, and you can also use blue ray cutting spectacles to keep your eyes comparatively safe.

8. Consume less caffeine:

Consuming a lot of cups of coffee to reduce work stress is a familiar habit to all of us, but it can cause severe insomnia and consequently depression, which is not good for your health. Instead of that, try to consume at least a fruit daily and a plate of salad with your lunch.

9. Wake up early:

‘Early to bed and early to rise’ is the best habit to follow to keep yourself healthy. Set the alarm, and always wake up early and keep 30 minutes for a walk or jogging with some freehand exercise to begin your day perfectly, and don’t skip sleep; a minimum of 6 hours of sleep is required for every individual to stay healthy.



Try to say no to a sweet treat or restaurant food, loaded with extra sugar and salt. Instead of that, try to consume a plate of veggies or a packet of nuts. Try to skip cars and bike whenever you can and take a walk, and follow these simple steps. Stay healthy, and live happily!