How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Your hair is one of the most fundamental parts of your body yet you take it for granted. People comb, wash, cut, and style their hair without having thoughts of ever losing it. You will never know the value of your hair until you see your scalp after severe balding. Balding occurs for various reasons. One of them is aging while the second one is all about genetics. Baldness is as a result of increased sensitivity in the male sex hormones on parts of the skin, causing decreased follicles. These follicles cause your hair to produce thin or no hair at all. That is the reason why baldness can either be total or partial.

Men react differently to baldness. While some may step up and accept their conditions by shaving off regularly, other men seek treatment. Nevertheless, neither of these two men enjoys their states. Balding starts with a receding hairline and thinning hair on top of your head. After a while, the two balding meet forming a U-shape. However, if your man starts showing signs of losing hair, it should not ring bells of baldness in your head. You have a chance to prevent it before he loses his hair completely. Here are the tips.


  1. Diet

Your diet determines the growth of beards. Hair contains a chemical known as keratin which stimulates hair growth. This means that lots of proteins in your diet rejuvenates your hair to regrow, and more so produce healthy hair. Sticking to proper nutrition ensures the overall health of your body. However, avoid processed, fast foods, and meat products. Stick to fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods.

  1. Avoid washing your hair regularly

Most of the men are used to washing their hair daily. When you notice hair thinning, avoid this habit as it reduces the number of essential oils in your head. Additionally, reduce the amount of normal shampoos used. Instead, pick your hair loss shampoo to make your hair grow. Washing your hair often exposes it to a force that aids in falling out.

  1. Medication

Currently, there is an expensive scam going all around. Manufacturers have produced thousands of medications assuring people that they will get results after a while. However, some of these products may never work as most people are after your money. To avoid taking such risks, pay a visit to a specialist who may recommend the right one for your condition.


  1. Aromatherapy

This is a regular massage to your head with oils. Most professionals use oils such as ginger, rosemary, and lavender as they nourish the scalp. Though the results are not 100% assured, they help a big deal with hair loss.

  1. Have more meditation and exercise time

In some circumstances, hair loss may be caused by elevated stress. Stress contributes to this as it stops the hair follicles from growing. In the process, some hormones may fluctuate while others rise. If you are already genetically predisposed to balding, you may experience this early. Fortunately, you can slow down the process of losing your hair by managing your stress. This is an easy way as you may opt to have medications or a few minutes of meditation every day. If this does not work, hit the gym to get rid of that stress.

  1. Plastic surgery

If your situation feels terrible, you can opt to have plastic surgery. Though the process is expensive, you can do it for your comfort. Take an example of the football player, Wayne Rooney; he had successful plastic surgery for his baldness. However, be ready to part with a huge chunk of your money.


  1. Keep hair short

Shaving your hair makes the thinning less pronounced. The best way to stay comfortable is by keeping your hair as short as possible. People might embrace it as your new hairstyle.


Hair loss is a terrible condition for everyone. It is much worse in men as they have limited options to hide their baldness. When this happens, some may feel less attractive and may take anything being advertised for restoring their hair. Nevertheless, there are certain things to do to prevent this situation. If the situation feels unavoidable, you can still find the means to survive.