How To Play Craps Like A God


Real money craps are one of the best table games you can choose to play in an online casino and a brick and mortar casino in Las Vegas, or any other gaming hub. Craps is renowned for its peculiar table layout which is also it’s the biggest undoing. The game loses a good number of potential craps players who imagine that this enjoyable game is too complicated for their liking. This notion, however, is very wrong. Once you grasp its dynamics, you’ll never leave the table.

In this guide below, we will tell you how to approach and play craps like a god by providing a quick look
at the tips that will help you extend your bankroll in the game.

For starters, craps is a casino table game which is often played by multiple players. They huddle together to try and beat the casino by choosing the most favorable wagering options. Online craps are, therefore, highly social since it boosts camaraderie amongst those enjoying the moment together in the casino.

Increasing Chances of Success in Craps

To conquer craps, one needs to first know a rather straightforward core premise and predict the sum of
the outcomes of two die pieces on a casino table. The first step towards success in this game is taking
time to know the distinct unique layout of the game’s table.

It is imperative to research the various segments of a craps table setting and what each means. Only
then, you can decide on the winning options to wager your hard-earned cash on. Comprehending the
fundamentals of the game will help you diversify from slots, poker, and other games on offer.

So, how do you win at craps? Here are steps on how to increase your chances of winning in the game
and walk away from the casino happy.

Steps on How to Conquer Craps in the Casino

1. Understand the Basic Rules of Craps

Craps has different rules and bets which a player has to understand before they can stand any chance of
beating the dealer. It is therefore essential to first research and read about all the rules and different bet
types in online casino craps.

2. Choose the Safest Bet

Once you have understood the basic rules of craps, it is time to take the notch a bit higher and choose
the bets which will increase your chances of winning at the table. So, what’s the safest bet in any game
of craps?

Although no proven strategy will help you beat the house at this casino game, some bet options like the
come and don’t come, pass and don’t pass line bets have been proven to give the house an edge over
the players and should be avoided.

Any bet that pits you against other players in the house should be the very last option. Always opt for
the hard ways, proposition bets, and odds bets as they give the casino a minimum edge over you. Take
your time to understand the craps etiquette as well. Also, take advantage of any available casino offers
to increase your chances of winning at craps. With time, you will become a wizard of odds and will be
playing craps like a god.

3. Avoid Being Greedy

One of the many reasons why most people lose a lot of money in craps is because they become greedy
and go for the bets which promise high returns. Big bets hold much promise in terms of odds, but they
reduce your chances of keeping your money rolling in the casino.

It is all about the house edge which every single bet holds. Always understand the house edge before
wagering your money. It is wise to stay away from wagers which give the house more than 10% edge
although they have lucrative odds.

4. Always Have Fun at the Table

Your mental state goes a long way in deciding your chances of winning at any casino game. Players lose
lots of money in craps because of the frustrations of trying to chase losses. The moment you start
chasing losses in the casino, you are at a terrible place mentally, and your decision-making will be

Always ensure that you are having fun at the casino table and the moment you get the feeling that you
are no longer getting thrilled from playing craps, STOP! Happier people tend to win more at the casino
as they make more informed decisions at the table.

It is important to wager with care and gamble responsibly. If you feel your gambling is boiling out of
control, take time and talk to experts to avoid sinking even deeper into the bottomless abyss of

5. Treat Every Session at the Table as a Lesson

Only fools don’t learn from experience, and you should be wise enough to learn from every session at
the craps table. Always keep your eyes peeled at the table to help you ‘see’ clearly and make better
decisions. Although craps is not a memory game and every game is independent of the last one, you can learn from your past experiences, especially on wagering, and this can help you play craps better.

By learning from your experiences, you will understand the type of player you are and the triggers which
lead to bad decision making. With time, you can uproot the bad habits which affect your gaming and
always opt for the traits which boost your chances of winning.

Although it is not possible to come up with a clear strategy on how to win at a game of craps, it is
possible to formulate systematic strategies and tendencies which will always give you a better chance every time you walk into the casino to play craps. By adopting good habits when playing craps and
gambling in general, you will be able to root out things such as greed and chasing losses, which always
affect your chances of winning.




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