How to Pack Like a Professional for Short Trips? Here’s The Guide!


If there’s one thing that many people are poor at doing is packing for short trips. While it is easy to use VPN for cheap airline tickets or to book accommodation, packing is still a challenge for many people. It is therefore not uncommon to see someone struggling with suitcases at the airport or bus terminal yet if you were to ask, they are probably just going away for the weekend.

Whether you’re a thrill seeker or are going away on business, always remember to pack with a minimalist mindset. Ask yourself, do I need to carry five pairs of trousers while two can suffice? Is it necessary to bring so many different pairs of shoes while one comfortable pair can translate from day-to-night wear? When you take this approach, you will find that you can easily leave behind some of the stuff you lug around any time you travel.

Discard the big bags

One psychology of packing you should know about; the bigger the bag, the greater the urge to fill in all the space. Discard the big bug and look for a small suitcase or a backpack so that you are forced to carry what you need. Sometimes you may need to take things like a good travel pillow, warm clothing,  or some bulky items; in this case, you may need to get a slightly bigger bag, but do not take it as an excuse to pack more than what you need.

Write a list

Even for a seasoned shopper, to stick to your budget, you require a shopping list.  Pack in the same way; write a list with the essential items you will need to carry and stick to it. Do not park what you can buy at the destination, like toiletries.

Put shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, and lotions into smaller bottles; only carry enough for the duration of your stay. It will save you from having to take the big bottle.


We all have this natural urge to carry as many clothes as possible when we are traveling. It is like we want to have a different item of clothing for every single occasion. So here is what you need to do:-

• Get comfortable with having to reuse some of the clothing items; you can wear a good pair of jeans during the day and night.
• Save space by carrying clothing that dries quickly. During your morning shower, wash what you’re wearing the previous day, and you have something to wear the next day.
• Packing smart – you save on a lot of space by rolling instead of folding your clothes.  It is also a great way of keeping your clothes crease free.
• Carry shoes that give you multiple functionalities.
• Avoid bulky items like towels; if you’re not comfortable using the ones in the hotel, use a scarf or clothing item as your towel.


The secret to packing for a short trip is to pack light.  The best part about it is that you do not have to worry about having to take care of so many suitcases.




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