Pots & Pans: How To Pack Kitchenware?


Moving to a new house or flat is an exciting, yet rather painstaking occupation when the question “Will it outlast the journey in the truck” becomes essential. This process requires a lot of skills, patience and knowledge. When clothes are relatively easy to fold, here arises another dilemma: how to pack kitchenware? It is almost impossible to move pots and pans without chipped handles and dirty lids. You can always order the service of a professional team like sfmoving that will do everything for you. Or you can pack everything yourself and do it amazingly! Here are some essential tips and tricks on how to complete the packaging task without any losses.

how to pack kitchenware

How to Pack Kitchenware

1. Buy carton boxes in special stores

And the boxes can be relatively small. Lay the carved-out insole, made of carton paper, at the bottom of the box, and layer everything you just made with scotch tape. This series of measures will ensure the safety of the package itself – it will not break during the process of moving, and its bottom will bear the weight of the dishes without any problems.

How To Pack Kitchenware

Another important material is the foam sheets: by laying a piece of foam plastic in a box, and having made holes of the desired diameter, we get a beautiful and, above all, absolutely safe container for carrying small pans.

2. Turn the lid upside down

Many young families struggle with one issue: all of them end up with chipped handles. In order to prevent that, you should the lid upside down, so that the round handle is placed inside the pot. It is also better to provide a layer of newspapers to maximize the safety of  this piece of kitchenware.

3. Wrap your pans in newspapers

Used and old newspapers are perfect for kitchenware transportation- they are foldable, big enough to cover all the surface of the pan and cheap! It is essential to put 2-3 layers in a row.

How To Pack Kitchenware

4. Stack your pans horizontally

Pots in a box should be stacked horizontally, and not in a pile. When stacked, the lower pots under heavy weight can split and crack. Choose boxes, strong enough to carry the weight of pots.

5. Detach the handles

Some pans have detaching handles which gives you more freedom of placement. However, if the handles are not detachable, use bubble wrap and scotch tape it to the pan.

6. Do not place ceramic or cast-iron frying pans with glass lids.

The latter might inevitably crack and sharp pieces of glass can get out of the box during the process of transportation.

7. Frying pans do not require great scrupulousness when packing

Wrap them with newspaper, paper or soft disposable napkins (they can be purchased at specialized stores), fold in a box, cover with adhesive tape and sign them. Do not do anything else. Just do the same with the pots.

Carefully place the boxes with utensils in the body of the car closer to the cockpit (the rear part of the body is more prone to shaking on the roughness of the road), preferably closer to the floor in order to avoid falling and spoilage. Also, be sure to warn the driver about the presence of fragile items and dishes in the body, so that he provides a more accurate and careful transportation.




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