How to Keep Your Office Desk Organized

“A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.” It is a popular saying in the corporate world that emphasizes the importance of an organized desk. If you have an orderly desk, your mind will be able to concentrate better on work. It can save a lot of your cleaning time resulting in better productivity. With a well-maintained desk, you will remain in a positive headspace, and your interest in the work will grow.

Keeping your desk organized is not that difficult as it might appear. You have to devise an efficient mechanism that prevents cluttering on your desk. Being disciplined and developing a cleaning routine can help you a great deal. In this blog, we will share different tips that will keep your office desk organized.


Label Everything:

If you want your organized desk looks the same, you should label everything. Otherwise, it will be a matter of time before you create a mess while finding something. You don’t have to go overboard for doing it rather using simple ways can be effective. Paste little pieces of paper with item names on them or use separate compartments with labeling. Doing so, will not only prevent mess but also help in being productive.


In-office work, some things are required to you daily, and after some time they become completely useless. You have to keep on replacing and updating things on your desk to prevent any major disruption. If there are things that hold some sentimental value, you can keep them but do not put them on the table. Regularly updating your table will make your work convenient and save you from organizing your desk all over again.

Use Storage For Paperwork:

The main culprit of mess on the office desk is the paperwork. There are tons of documents that a person has to deal with on a daily basis in an office. Sorting them out can prove to be instrumental in keeping your desk organized. Use file folders, paper trays, or small cabinets to store your paperwork properly. You can also put different documents in separate drawers to differentiate them.


Do Not Eat at The Desk:

It may appear to be a time-saving technique but eating at your desk is not a good idea. There is a probability of you dropping something on your desk that will ruin your whole workspace. You would not want to take this risk plus it is also not good for your health. However, you can munch on items like candies, chewing gums and biscuits.


It is not necessary to keep your office desk organized in a certain way. With the changing requirements of your work, you have to keep rearranging things on your desk. It does not mean that you organize your desk from the scratch rather shuffling a few things according to your convenience. You can place the items required more frequently closer to you to enhance your productivity. Regularly reordering your office desk will prevent cluttering, keeping it organized.

Use a Trash Bin:

How many times do you stock up your desk with junk thinking that you will throw it out after getting up? Sometimes you don’t even do it, and your desk ends up looking like a fancy junkyard. Placing a trash bin by your desk will save you from facing such a situation. This way, you can dump all the unnecessary things off your desk to prevent cluttering.


Allocate a Place For Everything:

Usually, the office desk gets messy when you are searching for something without being sure about its location. If you allocate a specific place for every item, you can save yourself from a lot of inconveniences. From documents to stationery items, make sure that you pick a spot for everything. You can make use of accessories like universal mobile holder stand to keep your cell phone.

Do Not Put Unnecessary Things on The Desk:

One of the most important things to consider for an organized desk is to avoid cluttering. Even though it is a difficult thing to do, but you have to do it to keep your workspace clean. Try to put a minimal number of items on your desk. Place those items on the desk that you use daily and remove anything other than that. While working on a task, only keep the items that you need immediately. You can put the things in the drawer that you think you need in a while.

Control Cable Clutter:

Appliances are an integral part of office work and cables go hand in hand with them. If you use multiple devices, you are most likely to deal with a maze of cables. But you can avoid cable clutter by combining them at one point. You can keep the cables in one line by using cable holders and binder clips. If you have a problem in differentiating them, put marks of different colors on them. Organizing cables will not only help you maintain your desk but also reduces stress levels.


Organize Your Desk Before Leaving:

Your desk will get a bit cluttered no matter how vigilant you are. So, it is nice to develop a habit of organizing your workspace every time you leave it. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it as it can be done within few minutes. It will prevent your desk from getting messy and keeps it in a presentable look. You can also clean your desk at the end of the day to avoid doing it multiple times.


Cleaning or organizing the office desk is not a tough task. Maintaining it that way can be tricky. If you discipline yourself and establish a routine, then your office desk will never get messy. Knowing the right approach of maintaining your workspace will reflect on your performance as well. Following all the guidelines mentioned above will save you from organizing your desk again and again.