How To Improve Your Hotel’s Customer Experience

Upkeeping a hotel can be difficult when you have to balance many of the intricate issues a place where many people essentially come in to stay overnight and leave. A common issue that can make customers decide not to come back again is how your hotel is with customer experience. If a customer doesn’t feel like they are appreciated, they may decide next time they are in town to book with a competitor. By following a few guidelines of what you can improve in your hotel, the customer experience will be better enough that you’ll get customers coming back, plus new customers will coming in from reviews and having known people who went to the hotel before.


Commonly when someone is coming to stay at a hotel, they are either there for a business meeting or a vacation so they don’t want to have to deal with doing everything that would do at home. To make convenience great at your hotel, consider offering benefits such as having food purchasable 24/7 with fast, wireless internet available at all times. Gift shops are also nice in hotels, containing many other nice goodies like books or basic supplies like deodorant that you might have forgotten at home. When you want to come back to your room and relax, these benefits make their room feel like home without any of the hassle or work.



Some hotel chains have gotten the reputation before of being unclean and just not pleasant to stay at other than the fact that’s it the cheapest hotel around. By hiring staff that cleans room on the daily, customers can come back to clean sheets and trash taken out that makes a room feel a lot more comfortable than being weirded out. By keeping up with cleanliness, you’ll maintain a larger customer base without causing a bad reputation.


When someone travels to your hotel, often they don’t bring very many bathroom supplies, due to not having space, especially if they had been flying. Offering quality toiletries make a customer’s time at the hotel a lot better as they might not have to go to a convenience store to gather what they need. Many hotel toiletries suppliers are out there if you want to purchase them in bulk for all your room such as Duck Island Toiletries.

By purchasing products through best Duck Island toiletries suppliers, you can choose between many different products such as soap bars, liquid hand wash, shower caps, trays, and more to give your customers great toiletries with a great presentation.



Lastly, one of the most important parts of the customer experience is your concierge. Concierge is known to help with customer’s questions regarding what the hotel offers, billing questions, and can get you things sent to your room like extra pillows. Typically concierge only helps with questions related to the hotel as well so if you can get staff to help with questions and advice with things pertaining to the area you’re in such as what are the best restaurants, shops, etc, customers will feel like their more invited in rather than just normal business. Additionally, consider getting more concierge for every hour of the day as many hotels often feel like they are understaffed at nighttime so you can’t get everything that you’d want.

By hiring professional concierge, you’ll make that a customer has a better experience at your hotel than anywhere else.

It’s All About Keeping Your Customers Coming Back!


By following up with making the convenience, cleanliness, toiletries, and concierge better at the hotel, you’re bound to keep your customer base from coming back and bound to get more customers than you had before.