How to Find Stock Research Reports of Indian Companies

source: tradebrains

The stock research reports of Indian companies can easily access the information about the company, which will help the investors and stockbrokers to get updated with the industry trends. Over here, one can understand how to find the stock research reports, before trying to find the stock research reports, one should know the merits and demerits of stock reports.

Merits and Demerits how to view stock research reports

Merits :

  • First, the step is to read lots of research reports thoroughly so that you can get the idea of how an analyst approaches particular company information and interprets it into the stock report.
  • When a beginner starts to obtain knowledge about the stock research, they can get the whole idea by searching for useful stock research reports which will guide then and will save their time.
  • While going through a research report on can get third party opinion, which impacts the decision made regarding the investment or regarding the profile of the company.

Demerits :

  • While approaching the analyst approach, the investor can get influenced easily, which results in changing the decision, which not always bring profit to the investor.
  • Reading multiple research reports makes the investor’s decision more complex and indifferent, like in some reports they mention to buy securities. In some, they guide to sell them, which directly or indirectly changes the decision.

Finding the stock research report can be easily accessible on Tofler. Many investors, stockbrokers, research analysts, sales executives, and financial professionals often need research reports based on the stock of the company and need to get to updated with every information. Tofler solves the problem by providing the research platform where anyone who is into finance and business can avail services. Here they can get easy access to all the information and can also get stock related reports for better guidance in investing in a company or any firm. This makes comfortable for the people to approach for any information.


Tofler keeps all information related to the companies and its profile updates as it helps people to get informed with the latest tres which occurred in a particular company. Here one can see the information of 1.5+ million companies, 2.4+ million directors working in these companies, 60million court cases, and 3.6 million corporate relational links.

How you can find the stock research report on tofler?

In this way, the screen opens when we go on tofler website. It lists down all the company names, its capital, assets, revenue, no. of employees, and what does the company manufacture or in which filed it works. Here the investors or stockbrokers can get minute detail regarding the company like from which year it started and whats the net worth of the company. One can target the particular sector as if we go for leather manufactures. It will provide all the companies who work under the label of leather. The companies are already qualified before it reaches to the investors; the website itself qualify the companies.

In this way, it presents information about a company or a firm. Here they provide all the related information of the company. It even mentions they contact details like address, email id, telephone number, and if they have their website, then they provide it for use.


These reports are made by different analysts and brokers, which can be used as a reference by other investors. It clear their perspective as to invest in a company, they also get an idea, whether to sell /buy securities of the company.

After going through all the detail analysis one can make a decision and can skill their work by going through different reports for making their thinking more broad and significant when talk of a stock research report.