How To Find A Local Dispensary In Hollywood, CA


A vast array of colorful nicknames; cannabis, pot, weed, marijuana, or what you would like to
call them, has proved to become medicines that physicians prescribe to cure symptoms of
certain conditions in some states in the US. Medical marijuana has been legal to consume in
California for almost 22 years, and currently, the state has the country’s largest legal pot
market. Dispensary business has been booming since 2018 in California that anyone aging 21
years old or older can legally buy cannabis for recreational use.

Whether bingeing edibles like cookies and candies, smoking rolled joints and blunts or vaping
after work; surely there’s at least one shop for you to buy those because in California there
have been plenty of retail outlets and dispensaries throughout the city wherein you can

Business owners approved a 5% medical marijuana sales tax and 10% for leisure cannabis.
There are maps available online to locate dispensaries, and it also tracks the outlet’s legal

status, whether they obtained a Business Tax Registration Certificate in compliance with the
city’s tax regulations.


Weedmaps is a web page that lists the location of dispensaries for leisure and medical-use
cannabis. It is a guide to marijuana wherein you can explore and find nearby outlets but not
limited to that because you can also search for products and their brands, deals, and doctors
near you. Weedmaps is one of the most influential and oldest online marijuana websites. It is
a community wherein people can connect to learn more about cannabis, to become
educated about the products and where business related people can sell their products.
Patients also who is using marijuana as their medicine can connect and discuss through the

The website is not suitable for young ones below 21 years of age, and, it involves contents
appropriate for adults only.


One of the world’s biggest marijuana website, educating people of cannabis markets in
finding the right product for their wellbeing needs, buying those from government regulated
dispensaries. The internet site first and above all else, offer users an enormous amount of
weed information. Leafly established in 2010, and since then the company has evolved into
an all-encompassing location and has become the “google of marijuana” suitable for medical
and recreational consumers and connecting them to nearby dispensaries carrying what
they’re looking.

Merry Jane

Experiencing the new border of cannabis products, Merry Jane draws together the most
relevant news and entertainment for today’s audience, events, and retail outlets. Given
today’s time of having an enormous crowd of people drawn to using cannabis for leisure, this
site is a credible source of information about the society and headlines geared to marijuana
and more.

Who Can Have It?

In California, people have their legal rights to possess and consume marijuana as long as you
have a government-issued identification card proving you have the legal age of 21 years old
or older. As long as you have the said age, you are allowed to have up to six marijuana plants

in your residence, and it must be kept in a latched space which is not publicly visible, 28.5
grams of marijuana pollen and marijuana concentrate maximum of 8 grams. Any law
violators may be imprisoned for six months in county jail and fined for penalties.

Restrictions & Utilization

California voters legalized recreational use of marijuana with the passage of Proposition 64,
also known as the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act.” There are some limitations in Proposition 64,
including where an adult can smoke or consume marijuana.

Allowed Places of Legal Cannabis Consumption:
● Outdoors in private places
● Accessory constructions on the premises of a private residence that is publicly
enclosed and secure
● Outside a private house provided that the city/county in which the home location
does not prohibit such actions

Not allowed places for legal weed consumption:
● Public places or area
● Establishments that preserve an environment free of drugs and alcohol
● Any location where vaping or smoking cannabis is prohibited
● Inside the parameter of 1,000 feet from schools, daycare centers where children can
go while not inside the private residences.

* If living within the 1,000 feet restriction, only if the smoking within the vicinity is
undetectable that you may consume
Selling of cannabis without a permit is a violation and can end up being in jail and fines will
be applied.

There are plenty of dispensaries and retail outlets available worldwide, but it is essential to
consider in the decision-making process the legality of the businesses, whether it was
complying to the laws of that particular state.

Cannabis is useful as medicine and yes, a good thing for leisure, but it can also bring harm in
several ways. Consumers can depend on it, and worse, they can get addicted to it. Despite the
legalization of marijuana for recreational use, people should learn how to consume it with
moderation and following with the law of consumption for marijuana.



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