How To Efficiently Boost Your House Value

source: pintrest

If you were observing the real estate market, you probably noticed that the prices tend to rise for a more extended period of time. It means that 2020 might be a perfect time to sell your property. But, too much is never enough. Even if your house is worth a lot, there still is a possibility to make it even more expensive. If you’re wondering how to boost your house value efficiently, then you should get familiar with these tips and implement these improvements. You’ll be surprised how little is needed to upgrade your house nicely.

Safety comes first

It’s not a coincidence that this saying is so famous. Safety is what everybody is looking for. And your home should provide it, no matter what. So, think of ways to increase your house protection.


One of the possible solutions is installing a smart lock. It’s an electromechanical system, designed to lock or unlock doors, once an order from authorized device arrives. It uses a wireless protocol and cryptographic key, so the authorization process is tough to break. It’s always possible to hack technological devices, but there’s a chance that smart lock scares away most of the potential thieves.

Another idea is just as simple and effective. You surely heard about video doorbells. They allow you to watch everybody who comes or goes out from your home, because when somebody presses the doorbell button or stand in front of the doorbell, video camera activates, and start the live stream.

But, most burglars are active when you’re away from home. That’s when your home is the most vulnerable to attack. Can you do anything to avoid such a situation? Of course, you can. The easiest solution is installing outdoor and indoor security cameras. They’ll provide you with the ultimate safety. In case of burglary, you’ll have evidence, and the police are much more likely to find the causer. And if burglar notices, that you have security cameras, he is likely to resign, and find an easier target. If you’d like to have security cameras installed, feel free to visit, as it should be done only by professionals.


Reduce maintenance costs

One of the things that potential property buyers are most afraid of is house maintenance. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest, and upgrade the biggest money leaks of your property. Improvements like that might feel like an unnecessary waste of money at first, but believe it or not, people are ready to pay more for a house with low maintenance costs, that is ready to move in. It’s one of the most common practices that real estate agents do, to increase the value of properties that they’re selling. So, get some funds, implement money-saving changes, and you’ll quickly get more than you ever thought your house could cost.

Declutter and clean your house

It’s estimated that comprehensive house cleaning may increase your property value for around $5000. Yes, you read it right. Decluttering and cleaning your house cost you close to nothing financially wise. Unfortunately, it’s a lot of effort, and work, but if you’re ready for this, you’ll earn much more. Whenever potential customers come to visit your house, they will be more impressed, because it gives the impression that your house is more livable, bigger and well organized. Also, it’s not only much more attractive to customers but better for you to live. You can make use of the extra space that you didn’t even know your home had, and enjoy the feeling of living in a squeaky clean place.

Buy new exterior doors

It’s another simple strategy, which is more effective than you could ever imagine. Upgrading exterior doors is a proven way of adding value to your home. Take a look at your home doors, and be completely honest with you. Are you satisfied with their look? Replacing ugly, old doors with solid, wood exterior doors does wonders. If there’s a garage in your property, make sure to replace its door as well. It will surely pay off.


Paint the walls

Painting costs are relatively low, and the outcome is always fantastic. It doesn’t even matter if you’re painting inside or outside walls; the effect is always magical. Painting gives your house a beautiful, fresh look. Renewing the flooring is just as effective, and brings the same result. It’s not even that much work, but these little things totally change the overall impression of your house.

These five methods are inexpensive and let you increase your house value significantly. If you haven’t implemented them yet, make calculations on your own, and find out how surprisingly effective they are.