How to Clean a Carpet The Right Way

When you bought the soft bright coloured Persian carpet, did you think about cleaning it? Knowing how to clean a carpet the right way will make your investment in a luxury carpeting pay off and last longer. The longer you manage to prolong the beauty of the carpet, the better.

How to clean carpets the right way?

Dirty carpets will make your home look terribly maintained. That’s why you should take some special care of it and keep it always tidy. Believe me! Nobody will notice your clean windows or furniture if your carpet is dirty and full of stains.

First of all, you should always know that if you want something to look really good, you should take care of it regularly. That means you have to vacuum when you can. Forget about the myths that vacuuming will ruin your carpet! These stupid “facts” are pointless and you just have to forget about them. Vacuum regularly and your carpet will always look good.

Make sure that you clean up all the spills immediately. That way, you will keep the stains away. You should know that once dried, some stains are impossible to be removed, so clean everything immediately and you will extend the life of your carpet.

Another tip, given by the professional cleaners is to use doormats. Place them at the entrances to the carpeted rooms. That way you will make sure that even when someone enters with shoes, the chances of any traces are reduced to a minimum. Another very important thing is to ask your guests to remove their shoes at the door. Make sure though that you have some slippers to offer them.

One thing you should always bear in mind from now on. The clean state of your carpet is entirely in your hands. It will stay clean as long as you make it so.

Step 1: How to clean carpets the right way? What is your carpet made of?

Carpets are made of fabrics. They can be either natural or human-made. Your choice of fabrics is the first step towards maintaining cleanliness. Human-made or artificial fibres are less capricious, they withstand high temperatures and do not shrink that easily.

Natural fabrics should be treated with extra care. Wool-made fibres shrink so be alarmed that steam cleaning-like methods can harm the carpeting. Consult a professional and better have it cleaned by an expert and then maintain its pristine state.

Step 2: How to clean carpets the right way? There is more to carpet cleaning than vacuuming.

Vacuum cleaning is like brushing your hair. Vacuuming doesn’t allow dust to pile up and fibres to stick to each other, so it is a preventative. Vacuuming once a week or twice in high trafficked areas, will facilitate the overall maintenance. Take your time. You should have seen how London Cleaners carry out carpet cleaning, gently and with care, you can do the same.

Step 3: How to clean carpets the right way? What solutions to use?

Solutions are another tricky issue. Mixing different solutions is not something to try directly on the carpet. Proceed this way, test the product on a hidden corner prior to treating the entire carpet with it. In case of any bleaching or discolouration just terminate the use of this solution and try mild green alternatives. It is smarter to clean often but with non-toxic mild solutions.

Now that you know the basics your carpet will be cleaned the right way

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