How To Choose The Best Video Ad Format

Title= The right selection of a video ads format is key to your success
Description= On video advertising platforms, there are many video advert formats, which might be
used for traffic monetization and product promotion. Let’s find out how to select video ads formats, which are more suitable

There exist lots of ways to present video ads to a potential customer. The key thing for every marketer is to select the most appropriate format in order to attract the users and not to make them bored or annoyed with your content. Let’s look at the most important aspects concerning the advert format choice in the article below.


The tips for the selection of a video ad format

The key aim of every marketer is to understand, which advert format is able to deliver the video content to a target audience in the best way. Google Ads is one of the most popular platforms in the world. The majority of users prefer TrueView ads for the creation of their videos. In accordance with the rules of this platform, the marketer is charged only when a definite action is fulfilled (for example, the video is watched or the user interacted with certain elements of the video). There is no need to pay fees every time the advert is displayed. As for the other advantages of TrueView, we can mention the following:

  • the ease of customization (it is possible to try various formats and choose different lengths for the videos
    creating demos, tutorials, etc.)
  • broader reach of the target audience (the videos can be displayed on various resources including YouTube, publishers’ websites, video advertising platforms such as, mobile devices, etc.).

There exist various types of TrueView videos:

1. In-stream. Such videos are aimed at capturing the attention of the visitors. In this case, the video advert is displayed before, after or during the other video. The visitors can always skip the advert, as there is a closure button. Such videos are used on YouTube, other websites, and in applications. The marketer is to pay if a visitor watches at least 30 seconds of the video (or the whole video if it is longer). The interaction with the video is also paid.


2. Video discovery adverts. Such videos are appropriate for the promotion in the places of discovery. They can be displayed, for instance, as a part of YouTube search results. The adverts might be used to guide your target audience to your content. Thus, it is possible to promote longer videos with the help of discovery adverts. The visitors see the image from the video and they are offered to click and watch it. By clicking on it, they get redirected to the other resource (a page with a video). Such ads might appear in YouTube search results, on YouTube homepage, together with related YouTube videos, on the websites of the partners, and in applications. The marketers should pay only in the case the users click on a thumbnail to watch the video.

3. Bumper adverts. With the help of such videos, it is possible to reach a broader audience and build brand awareness. Such videos are usually short and contain a memorable message. They might be displayed before, after or during the other videos. The advert lasts up to 6 seconds. Besides, the users do not have an option to skip the video. Such an ad is paid on the basis of a CPM model.

For more productive results, it is vital to think about targeting. Think about people who are going to see
your video adverts. Consider their age, interests, education, location, and other features. YouTube offers plenty of features for effective targeting.


Another important thing is the content of your video. It is advisable to add a call to action to it. Thus, you
can additionally increase conversion rates and attract more traffic to your website. Monitoring your success, it is also possible to optimize the content making it more interesting and appealing for the users.

Video adverts are a wonderful way to reach your audience and make people more engaged with your
product. Short videos are able to capture the attention and further develop your business. Select the format, which suits you best, and promotes your brand.