How to choose right store display racks for large commercial grade shop

source: thespruce

If you own a large store, then it is essential to identify the best way to display your products in a manner that is functional and effortless for your customers. Retail hangers can make this decision simple as they perfectly hold and pack clothes and accessories. With the right racks, you can increase the space efficiency of your store and display more products for your customers. There are several types of retail hangers available in the market, so finding them should be a dauntless process. Nonetheless, there are a few things to review before you mass order retail hangers. Here are seven insights to help you pick the best retail racks if you own a large store:

1. Choose hangers for your store style

While it might be tempting to embrace the latest trends in large store hangers, there is no need attempting to use what does not suit the style of your store. Instead, you should find retail hangers that complement your store’s grade and the kind of outline you are creating. If you have no idea what to choose, you can browse various styles of clothing racks from bolun-rack to get inspired. The priority is to understand your store’s functionality and pick hangers that can help you bring out the best, concerning interior decoration and space efficiency


2. Go for multi-level hangers

Multi-level hangers allow you to display products at different levels. You can find hangers that feature countertops, shelves, or wooden pallets for extra display space. This is ideal if you have space limitations and several products to display. They are also perfect for organizing clothes that are worn together. For instance, a combined pipe clothing rack and table-top can provide space for hanging t-shirts (on the rack) and displaying pants and sneakers (on the countertop). These options are also visually appealing and can enhance the aesthetics of your store.

3. Consider size and capacity

Retail hangers come in different sizes and capacities. For large stores, hangers with more hooks and space offer the best choice as they can display several products and increase the space economy. However, you should review the size of the hangers carefully, especially if you do not have a big space to work with. Some hangers require a bigger space because of their slightly bigger dimension. As such, you should factor the size of your retail to determine the hanger constructions it can accommodate.

4. Aesthetics and customization

Retail hangers proudly display your products for everyone to see and also contribute to better store organization. However, they have more uses in branding and marketing. Deploying attractive branded hangers can significantly raise the aesthetic appeal of your store and consequently increase turnover. It is also essential to choose customizable hangers that allow you to stay consistent with your store’s style. Customization also prevents your store from looking like every other outlet in town.


5. Shop from reliable businesses

Mass ordering retail hangers for your store will attract discounts and several offers. If you are not keen, you may end up with cheap quality hangers that look great on the outside, but disastrous in real-life application. As such, it is recommendable to shop from trustworthy distributors that can guarantee genuine quality hangers. You can look up customer reviews, testimonials, and expert ratings to determine if the business can adequately meet your needs.

6. Choose sturdy hangers

Large retail stores require high-quality, durable hangers that can last several years. There are several sustainable options you can find and constructions range from metal to wood and plastic. It all depends on the products you retail. Lightweight accessories do not necessarily require tensile strength when it comes to hanger construction. However, the hanger should still be sturdy enough to withstand the store’s tear and wear elements. They should also be easy to clean and maintain.

7. Compare several offers

There are different types of retail hangers, including those sold together with the cloth. When choosing hangers, you should evaluate the value and price to determine whether it is an excellent deal for your store. This requires comparing various options before making a choice. You can research existing retail hangers and ideas in online forums and platforms like Pinterest. Once you have a couple of desirable designs and offers, narrow down your list to the best affordable retail hangers for your retail outlet.



There are no retail hangers that can meet the unique needs of every store. However, some have desirable attributes and are designed to suit the needs of large stores. These are the recommendable choices you should make. Whether you own a mega fashion boutique or sell a wide range of clothing, footwear, and accessories, you should pick designs made with your outlet in mind. For instance, fashion boutique clothing racks and shelves suit such stores. When looking for retail hangers, make sure you purchase high-quality products from credible distributors. Also, look at what your competition is doing and identify areas you can exploit to make a better offer for your customers.