How To Choose A CBD Oil: Few Of The Best Oils To Try


Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a derivative of the plant Cannabis sativa. CBD has numerous therapeutic benefits as it is used to treat some conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, anxiety, etc. If you’re wondering whether this oil makes you “high” (because it is derived from Cannabis plant), then you’re wrong because the oil has a small amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC, in marijuana, is the psychoactive cannabinoid. In the US, THC levels in CBD oil must be below 0.3 percent. 0.3 percent is the legal limit set by the government of the US. Every bottle of Cannabidiol oil has a THC level listed on it. It is illegal to sell CBD oil without this information printed on the bottle.

With the increasing popularity of Cannabis where it is used in products ranging from beer to coffee to whatnot, the market is inevitably flooded with numerous products. Hence you have to make sure that you find a quality product. You must do proper research on these products before you go out to buy them.
Studies have shown that CBD oil reacts differently to different skin types. It might be helpful to you but can be irritating to someone else. Therefore, it is imperative to try the oil on your skin first and make a note of any negative or positive reactions. This will help you maintain a record of what is allergic to you and what isn’t. It might be CBD oil, or it might be the many ingredients that the base of the CBD products. Here is a list of the best oils that you can try in the market. This will help you narrow down on your research.

1. Sister of the Valley CBD Infused Oil-

This oil has multiple uses and contains essential oils and hemp and has a base of coconut oil. It costs around $25 for a 15 ml of a bottle, which makes it a pretty affordable option. This oil is best for someone who wants to try out before taking the risk of buying an expensive high- dose oil. The CBD level is 130 milligrams (ng) in 15 ml bottle. Primary ingredients are coconut oil, essential oils, hemp, and blood orange essential oil. The oil should be taken orally. Other benefits are relief from body pain and a boost in overall health.

2. 4 Corners Cannabis Oral Tincture-

Priced towards a higher-end, this oil sells for $59.95 per 15 ml bottle. This is an organic product, and its usage induces a feeling of calmness and also temporarily reduces the feeling of depression and anxiety. It also increases the quality of sleep if taken sometime before you hit your bed.

The product team of this company uses the latest lab equipment to filter the extract of hemp oil, that helps in removing by-products of plant material. All these plants are grown organically. No metals, dangerous additives or pesticides are used. The CBD potency is 250 mg in a 15 ml bottle. The ingredients of this oil are limonene, MCT oil, and hemp extract. This oil is also taken orally and has two tasty flavors- orange and coconut.

3. Mana Artisan Botanic Hemp Oil-

This is also an organic oil which is infused in MCT coconut oil or macadamia nut oil. Some other ingredients are vanilla and turmeric. The significant benefit of this oil is an improvement in the overall well-being. It helps improve mental clarity, focus and reduce anxious feelings and depression. Some physical symptoms are also attacked by this oil, such as inflammation, arthritis, and muscle pain.

The 30ml bottle is priced at $75 and contains 300mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle. The oil is available in Macadamia and coconut flavors. As the company is based out of Hawaii, it uses a lot of natural and locally sourced ingredients from Hawaii.

4. Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD Tincture-

This oil will help you maintain good health and will help in managing chronic conditions. This organic oil contains organic hemp seed oil, MCT oil, and Vitamin E. The process of preparing this oil us relatively easy though- it is produced in tiny batches in Oregon by using Ethanol extraction, and it is then blended into hempseed and MCT oil.

This is a mildly expensive product with a 30 ml bottle selling at $55. CBD level is 800 mg in 30 ml bottle. The company has third-party vendors to check the potency of the oil products. This is one of the companies that offer some discount for people who have chronic health problems.

5. Charlotte’s Web Full Strength CBD Oil-

This is a medicinal hemp extract oil that reduces daily stress, promotes recovery from exercise, relieves joint and muscle pain, and increases focus. It also helps in calming your nerves and promotes a healthy sleep if taken before bedtime.

This oil is also supposed to be taken orally. Slightly cheaper, 30 ml bottle is sold for $39.99. The CBD level in a 30 ml bottle is 300mg. The test analysis of this product is available online. Major ingredients of the oil are hemp extract oil. Some flavors that you can try are olive oil and mint chocolate, both of which are prepared from natural flavoring.

When you’re choosing from various types of CBD oil, always go for a full-spectrum one rather than an isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD oil has a variety of cannabinoids and original elements from the hemp plant. This will help in increasing the therapeutic benefits that you get from CBD oil. All the above products are full-spectrum oils.

If you are looking to buy these Industrialhempfarms has a range of full-spectrum CBD oils that have been lauded by a lot of customers. This makes them an excellent competitor to all the products listed above.

However, one should be very cautious while selling and buying CBD oils as the companies are solely responsible for any quality issue.




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