How To Check Canara Bank Account Balance

Canara Bank was founded and established in 1906 in Mangalore city in India. Later, the bank was
nationalized by Reserve Bank of India (owned by Government of India) in 1969. It is one of the largest
public sector as well as commercial banks of India. It is also one of the oldest banks in India and the main headquarter of the bank is located in Bengaluru. Canara Bank has more than 6000 bank branches and approximate 10000 ATMs located at different cities in India. Even, the bank also has a presence in more than 12 different countries.

How to Check Canara Bank Account Balance

The bank provides different banking services and privileges to its customers according to their needs and requirements. There are a total of 7 ways to check Canara Bank account balance. You can go through the bank balance Guide by finance jungle to check account balance. If a user wants to check the account balance of its Canara Bank account then he or she can choose any of the below options.


Bank Passbook

You can check their account balance through its bank passbook. You just need to visit the bank branch
to update your bank passbook to check the latest account balance. The bank employees update your
bank passbook in no time. Your bank passbook holds all the debt and credit transactions made by you
from your bank account.

Net Banking

The Canara Bank customers can also check their account balance through net banking service provided
by the bank. But for that, you need to register for net banking and activate it. Then you can log in to your
bank account with a user ID and password. You can easily check account balance and transfer funds
using this service. Even if you want to check the monthly or yearly account statement, then you can also
view and download bank statements of any time period through net banking.


Canara Bank balance inquiry can also be possible with this method. ATM or Debit Card is required for
this method. You have to go to the ATM center and insert your Debit Card in the ATM machine. Select
‘Language’ and then enter your 4-digit ATM PIN. Select ‘Banking’ and then choose ‘Balance Enquiry’
option to check the account balance. You can also check the last 10 transactions made from your Debit
Card by selecting the ‘Mini Statement’ option.


Mobile Banking

It is one of the best and the easiest ways to check account balance. Firstly, you need to activate mobile
banking on your registered mobile number from the bank. Then, open Canara bank mobile website using
your login credentials provided by the bank on your smartphone. After login to your account, you can
see your account balance. You can check Canara bank account balance at any time and at any place with this method.

Canara e-info Book

It is an online mobile app introduced by Canara Bank for its customers. It is also known as the online
version of your physical passbook. It helps in checking the account balance and other banking

Canara Swipe

Canara Bank offers missed call and SMS banking services to its users. This service is called as ‘Canara
Swipe’. With this amazing service, a customer can check its account balance, request a checkbook, get a mini statement, block a debit card, block credit card, etc. through his/her mobile phone.


Canara Empower

It is a Canara Bank UPI enabled mobile app which allows users to send or receive payments. With this
mobile app, a user can also check its Canara Bank account balance with a single click.