How to Apply for SBI Credit Card Online? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

SBI Credit card

SBI is one of the government banks which are available to serve the customer. There are a number of bank branches in India, the total of 85,356 branches of all the public sector banks which is running in the rented buildings. Out of this 15,570 branches of SBI were running from rented accommodations, till 19th December 2014. There are lots of customers of SBI or the other people who don’t have an account in SBI like to apply for the credit card in SBI.

The aim of the SBI is to give their customers a wide range of services and value-added payment products. SBI not only provides services to their customers or their employer or an important stakeholder but also they want to simplify the life of their customers by giving various options. SBI is the second largest credit card provider in India with a total card base of the 7 million. SBI also has bank branches in more than 100 cities.

Different Cards Offered by SBI

There are various SBI credit cards available having different offers and annual charges. With these amazing SBI credit cards, a person can do online shopping; pay their utility bills, buy offline products, and many more.

Here are the top 10 SBI Credit Cards:

1. Simply Save SBI Credit Card – 499 Annual Charges
2. Simply Click SBI Credit Card – 499 Annual Charges
3. Air India SBI Platinum Card – 1499 Annual Charges
4. Air India SBI Signature Card – 4999 Annual Charges
5. SBI Styleup Contactless Credit Card – 499 Annual Charges
6. IRCTC SBI Platinum Card – 300 Annual Charges
7. SBI Card Elite – 4999 Annual Charges
8. Yatra SBI Card – 499 Annual Charges
9. SBI Card Prime – 2999 Annual Charges
10. BPCL SBI Card – 499 Annual Charges

SBI Credit card

How to apply for SBI Credit Card Online

It is very easy to apply for the credit card in SBI, it is not compulsory that the customer required an account in SBI; anyone can apply for the credit card. The best way to apply for the credit card is to visit the official website of SBI. After visiting the official website follow the below steps to apply for the credit card.

1. Open the official website
2. Then click on the ‘Credit Cards’ section of the website.
3. The window will show you various credit cards, out of which customer has to apply for any card as per their choice and needs.
4. After click on ‘Apply’, the new window will open.
5. Now, you have to fill all the details including your Name, Email ID, Age, Gender, Address, Mobile Number, etc.
6. After filling all the details, the customer has to move to the next step. (Please be assured to fill the proper mobile number, email address, and home address or office address).
7. A confirmation message and an email will be sent by the SBI.
8. SBI takes 24 to 48 hours to check the complete details of the customer and if they found all the details correct then they will send the confirmation message on mobile and send the email too.
9. The credit card will be delivered to the customer address.

Final Say

If the customer is searching for the credit card then SBI is the best option to get the card. They provide the best credit card in the market and the service of SBI is very much impressive. The dedication and the customer approach of the SBI management help to accolades for customer service, branding, marketing, and product innovation.



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