Yash’s Befitting Reply to Anupama Chopra on Gehraiyan and Relatability

Recently, during the promotion of KGF: Chapter 2, Yash was asked about how his anti-gravity movie would be more relatable or connect with people. Rocking Star, however, came with a smart answer that everyone should read.

How KGF: Chapter 2 can connect people? 

One of the most anticipated films of all time, ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ marks the return of superstar Yash aka Rocky to the big screen. With this, Yash is busy promoting the upcoming film and has been traveling to various cities and attending interviews.


In an interview with Anupama Chopra, which was published on the Film Companion YouTube channel, Yash was asked about how his film’s story and other south Indian cinema connect to common citizens’ life just the way Hindi cinema does most of the time.

“In the last ten years, in Hindi cinema at least, there has been an emergence of a ‘slice of life’ or a high concept movie in which characters are very relatable. Actors like Ayushman Khurana, Rajkumar Rao, and Vikrant Massey created their own genre. These people always have films that show ordinary men put in extraordinary circumstances, but always are relatable. How are these anti-gravity movies (South Indian Movies) going to be relatable with a larger-than-life hero?” asked Anupama.

Yash, who was patiently listening to the question, came up with a perfect answer. “I don’t understand how it shall not be relatable. My question is- relatable to whom? and how many? Is this something relatable to the small town people? Or the masses? Or people who are going through a lot of difficulties in daily life?


“All of our movies (previous movies) were relatable enough. Most of the time in our movies, we try to consolidate the whole thing and put a situation where someone has to achieve something to meet the purpose.”

“For me, KGF is a story of a mother, who has really suffered in her life and she wants her son to be rich by the time he dies. So that is the relatable point for the entire masses. Only those who are privileged, that is the 1% of them who has everything, might not relate. But Most of us who really want to work hard and want to achieve everything in life have to give it all. That itself is the biggest relatable aspect of KGF: Chapter 2. And the design around it is a little entertainment that people deserve.”

People never watched South cinemas in theaters 

Adding to Yash’s thought Prashanth Neel also gave his reasons. He feels all these days people ignored watching South Indian films on big screens.


He said, “The masses were not watching our movies (South Indian films) in theaters for about 40 years. The reason why I am saying this is, that most of them love to watch it on satellite TVs or Cable TVs. They never use to come to theaters as they believed these films will never really work on big screens. But Baahubali changed that thought process of people. The movie opened the flood gates and then it was KGF’s turn, later it was Pushpa and RRR. People now have realized that despite watching them on TVs could be watched in theaters. And big thanks to SS Rajamouli who pioneered it.”