How Grammarly Will Help You to Improve your Writing Skills


Grammarly is popular among its competition and stands apart from any other Grammar check tools. It is not just its accuracy and a lot of exciting features but the learning curve it has. Basic or repetitive set of mistakes can be easily rectified with the constant use of it. It improves you as a writer and gives you a deep understanding regarding the content you write. Well, here are the seven primary ways Grammarly improve your writing skills.

Grammarly allows you to learn from your mistakes

It is certainly obvious that Grammarly is, after all, a tool for checking grammar, punctuations, spelling errors, readability and other factors included in an advanced grammar. Difference between other Grammar checking tool and Grammarly is Grammarly tells you ‘what’ and ‘why’ both. The Grammarly free trial makes a suggestion to the user, it informs about the error or scope of the development of the content. It points out your mistakes, inform you, tell you the reason about it and give you an opportunity to rectify it. The user can improve their writing skills on basis of different factors on which the correction is based. You can actually detect and critically judge your own writing in terms of grammar.


It will make you get rid of common mistakes

Common mistakes or habitual mistakes of a writer are very unnoticeable. It is something you never discover or fails to see the pattern of mistakes you are doing. The least but the still the best Grammarly do is identify the pattern of mistakes you do on daily basis and let you think and keep in mind when you write next time. Most common mistakes like missing on articles or it could be some particular spelling mistakes. In subconscious, you will start learning from those underlined red lines. It is quite effective that next time you will be more alarmed by your common mistakes. Soon, it will make you a writer with zero basic mistakes of grammar. Then, all you have to work on is the advanced grammar components.


Grammarly will find about the repetition in you

Repetition in a writer simply signifies the lack of vocabulary and conviction in writing. Apparently, there is no other tool than Grammarly to detect that. Grammarly constantly checks on the words which you use too often. It makes you aware to replace the work and even suggest you a better synonym. It makes your content more rich and vocabulary-driven. Also if you double click on any word in Grammarly, it will show you all those appropriate synonyms to use.

Grammarly overall increase the quality of the content you write

Usually, writers seek the progress within themselves to increase their quality of work which eventually increases your worth. Grammarly allows you to enhance your writing skill over a learning curve throughout the time. Through practice and using the software over time, it will make improve the overall quality of the work. You will soon see that the number of errors will be reserved for advanced grammar issues. You won’t see much of the silly error you were usually done.


Save yourself from Plagiarism

Being a professional writer, you understand the significance of a plagiarism tool. No matter how great you write, if any shred of your content gets plagiarised, you can lose your credibility. Grammarly focuses on the plagiarism so you never get into that trouble. It makes you more aware of as a writer and understands how to tackle the plagiarism. It is the most accurate plagiarism tool ever where it also mentions how it is plagiarized so you can rectify your mistake. It also makes you learn how to avoid plagiarism in your content even if you are not intended to. This Feature is only available for Premium account holders. you can check Grammarly discount from here.


Grammarly makes you perfect everywhere

One of the most interesting features about Grammarly is its usability. It is compatible with your browser, smartphone and other devices you use with a single account. It is interesting that whether you are writing something on social media or you are writing a professional or personal mail and even a WhatsApp message, you will never be wrong in grammar. The plugins and applications allow you to detect any error in your writing while writing anywhere and everywhere. It teaches you to be accurate everywhere not just in your projects but while communicating with others as well. Such kind of practice with it makes you so concern about grammar that you soon himself started learning about it.

Grammarly is an exercise, not just a tool

Grammarly works with you the whole day whether you are writing for a client, working on any project, mailing someone or chatting. With kept on red lines, you start to figure out what kind of mistakes you usually do and there you start your learning process. Unlike any other tool, Grammarly reasons with you, it gives suggestions and more importantly, it tells you why something is wrong and what should be the right and then allows you to correct it.


Using Grammarly is an exercise which develops your writing skill even if you do not want or have time to consciously learn. Furthermore, You can check out the recent Grammarly review, for Your Further Decisions.