How Do I Start A Live Video With A Friend On Instagram?

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Starting today, we are presenting a fun way to go live with a friend. Currently, you may hang out and go live together, whatever you are only doing homework or catching up on your day.

On Instagram stories, Instagram Live is a feature that lets the users to stream video to free instagram followers. It also engages with them in real-time. When users broadcast live video streams on their accounts, there will be a ring that highlights their profile picture in Instagram Stories. With this ring, the Instagram followers get alert, so that they can have a look at the live stream.


Live video benefits you share in an accurate way; however, occasionally, it may terrify when you are on your personal. It is simple to add a guest when you are broadcasting. You may take out your guests and add somebody new at any time, or they might also select to exit on their own. Share your live video to stories when your broadcast has ended, or select remove and your live video will vanish from the app as commonly.

When somebody you follow is going live with a friend, you will look two circles fixed together in your stories bar. You may tap on it to watch, like, and comments as you follow along.

As Instagram introduced live video last year, billions of users have used it to link with friends and followers in an accurate way. Nowadays, you may have even further fun connecting with individuals in the minutes.


Ways to start a live video with a friend on Instagram:

There are two methods you may begin a live broadcast with a friend on Instagram. You might request a friend to join your live video, or you may be invited to join the live video of a friend.

To start a live video after inviting a friend to join your broadcast:

1. Click on the camera icon in the upper left of the screen or swipe right from somewhere in Feed.

2. Click live at the end of the screen, and then click Go Live.


3. Click on DP.

4. Click on an individual’s name to ask them to join your live video and tap Add. Remember that you may just invite somebody who is previously watching your live video.

5. If your friend agrees with the invitation to join, you will see their appearance in a divided screen view. You will also see if they have accepted or declined.


6. You might eliminate the individual you invited to join your live video at any time by clicking on x at the top right corner of their divided screen.

To ask a friend to join live video that you’re watching:

1. Click on the Request when you see the option to request to join the live video.

2. Click on Send Request.

3. You will get a notice that you are almost to join the live video when your request is accepted.


This feature is best if you are inviting people or visitors to your live stream. It is presently available through version 24 of Instagram on android and ios.

How do you Send Live Videos in Direct?

When you go live, you might click the arrow or direct icon at the end of the screen to send your live videos to friends. Your friends will just see the video if they are online while the broadcast is on. When the video finishes, your friends will be informed that your live stream has over. You can also share a live video with friends in the same method. All you must to do is click the arrow sign or direct icon to send it to your friends.


Instagram is a very customer-friendly platform. You may very easily start a live stream; invite friends to join, use face filters, and search for top live videos. But, hosting is a popular live video taking a lot of effort.

Instagram live provides you the chance to engage with individuals face to face. This is furthermore private than blog posts or social media posts because it is real-time interaction. It may take some time to get used to; however, the final results are worth it.