14 Horror Movies of Kannada Which Can Make Your Pants Wet for Sure

Horror Movies of Kannada

There are some, who after watching a scary movie do not sleep for days. This situation is more in case of women. And there are some men who do not stop watching horror movies. Especially, they see one movie before going to bed. And the wife screams for her life at the terror unleashed on screen. But the men laugh and ward off the feelings. Watching horror movies is a symbol of manliness because you win over fear. In this article, let us take you through horror movies of Kannada which can give you the creeps.

Why do you prefer Horror movies?

It is the psychology part. Humans like to become scared but at the same time, they want to play safe. And human life is boring. You want change and in a metropolitan city such as Bangalore, you wander around cafes, hotels, resorts and everywhere. When the quest is not fulfilled, then you can go to horror movies. Because the plot is a story you do not see in your daily life. And then there are different types. Yes, you have seen them even in Kannada horror movies. The slasher type, where there is a lot of blood and gore. Then, there are movies which attack your brain and make you believe the most impossible of life. A child floating in the air etc. A horror movie will affect you in two ways. Either it will beat the creeps out of you (such as Evil Dead First part). Or you will be rolling around the floor in laughter (Evil Dead 3).

Horror Movies of Kannada

1. Tulasidala (1985)

A movie dealing with treacher, witchcraft, and hypnotism. The movie shows that greedy man can plot to kill even children. A must watch scene is when the children possessed by the evil spirit, Kaashmora, kill a person. But yes, as usual, truth triumphs in the end. The story was penned by Yandamoori Veerendranath Rao, and the director was Vemagal Jagannath Rao.

Horror Movies of Kannada

2. Ade raaga ade haadu (1989)

There are many movies of rebirth and revenge. This screenplay of this movie takes the inspiration from this concept. Chandru and Sangeetha are MBBS degree students and hope to get married. Then circumstances begin to change, and we hear of an old lady in the form of a ghost terrorizing them. Hair rising scene in the movie – when Shivrajkumar, the hero drives the car and the ghost trying to strangle him.

Horror Movies of Kannada

3. Durga Shakthi (1999)

Another movie which tells of rebirth and revenge. Devaraj was a womanizer in his early birth. The woman who was wronged becomes a soul wanting revenge. And in the recent birth, she possesses the heroine and wants to revenge the killing of her lover. A touching scene is when Sharath Lohitashwara gets killed.

horror kannada movies

4. Aatma bandana (1992)

Numerous films have come, where the heroine wronged, becomes a devil to take revenge on her killers. This movie is based on the same theme. Vaishnavi becomes a ghost after her in-laws kill her. The soul gets passed to her favorite doll and wreaks havoc on her killers. The main concept is derived from the American film, Child’s Play.

Horror Movies of Kannada

5. Rahasya Ratri (1980)

One of the earlier films which had the real pair, Bharathi, and Vishnuvardhan. The film had every aspect needed in those times. Dances by vamps, a ghost story, and music. And the ghost gets burned in the climax. Watch the movie to get a glimpse of the Indian Dracula.

6. 6-5=2 (2013)

A film based on the popular movie, The Evil Dead. Five friends go on a trek and only evil happens. A ghost movie from the interval to the finish. Believed to be inspired by the film Blair Witch Project.

horror kannada movies


7. Naa Ninna Bida Lare (1979)

A film that was a box office hit in the late 1970s. Anant Nag and Lakshmi give their best performances. A girl, after being spurned by Ananth Nag becomes a ghost and returns to haunt his marriage. As the dutiful wife, Laxmi has to suffer the worst to save her husband from the devil’s clutches. A spine-chilling scene is when Ananth Nag wanders to the crematorium and then gets possessed by the ghost. The scare is when Laxmi makes him turn. Watch this movie to enjoy the thrills!

Horror Movies of Kannada

8. Charulatha (2012)

The film created enough buzz as the concept revolved around conjoined twins. Of the two, one loves the hero and the second twin objects. Based on the Thai Horror film, Alone. The climax ends with a twist. A heroine oriented film in which Priyamani, the actress comes out trumps. It is when Ravishankar, as the witchcraft magician comes that the film gets off to a real start.

Horror Movies of Kannada


9. Last Bus (2016)

As per Wikipedia, this Kannada movie is going to be dubbed in the French language. Although a low budget film, the screenplay makes you get engaged. A knowledge of human psychology and human fear have helped this film get a good response. And yes, the grandsons of the Great Kannada comedian, Narasimharaju make a comeback.

horror kannada movies

10. Mummy Save Me (2017)

The highlight was the acting of Mrs. Priyanka Upendra and the young girl. Not one to give the scare to a real horror movie buff, but the film had definitely some spooky scenes. Enjoy this Kannada horror movie when you are on a relaxing holiday.

Horror Movies of Kannada

11. Shivalinga

The veteran director, P Vasu was at the helm. In very few movies, you have a bird or animal which gives the clue to the hero. In this movie, it is a pigeon. And the heroine gets possessed by the ghost. The climax is super with a twist. A blockbuster and definitely to be included in the horror movies of Kannada.

Horror Movies of Kannada

12. 12 AM (2010)

A film in which the son of the popular director, Kashinath acted as the hero. A horror film to boot, it is scary. But the director could have done good work with the plot. However, it did not reach the majority of the audiences.

13. Apthamithra (2004)

A remake of the Malayalam superhit film, Manichithrathazhu. The screen play is tight, and you get glimpse of the ghost. The story makes you doubt on many persons, but the climax ends with a twist. Dr Vishnuvardhan’s role is impressive, but it was Soundarya who stole the show with her act. And yes, we got a sequel Aptharakshaka, in a similar story line. Both the films were appreciated by the audience and became blockbusters.

Horror Movies of Kannada

14. Shh (1992)

You tell the word “Crazy” – you associate with Kanasugara Ravichandran. But when it comes to creativity in recent times, you can think of Real Star Upendra. The director was in his elements in the second film he directed. The first half of the film is pure comedy and the director brings you to the edge of the seat. Kumar Govind’s first film to become a hit. And yes, Upendra became a force to reckon with this thriller Kannada movie.

horror kannada movies

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There are some who go to horror films and bite their teeth. No, it is not that the environment was cold. They bite their teeth or else they will scream. But after seeing the film and coming out, have a look at their face. It will resemble that of a king winning the battle. There are many factors that go to make horror movies a hit such as mystery, gore, shock, terror and the best is fear of DEATH.

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