Honda TRX450 Aftermarket Parts And Accessories Buying Guide

Your Honda TXR450 was built for the toughest trails: mud, dirt, snow, sand, rocky ground or anything else your adventures throw at it. Whether you’re restoring one to its former glory or you want to put more power and performance into your machine, you need the best parts and accessories to accomplish these goals. For components, tires, cheap motorcycle riding gear and other essentials, this quick guide can help you find the best upgrades and mods for your ATV.

Choosing the Best Tires

ATV tires come in a wide range of brands, sizes, and styles. You should have an easy time narrowing down the best options for your TXR450, but it doesn’t hurt to follow some smart advice while shopping. First, pay attention to the primary type of terrain that you normally ride on. For instance, mud tires are normally made with deeper tread and other design features to improve grip on soft ground. The AMS Swamp Fox combined aggressive shoulder knobs and reinforced dimpled lugs in a sturdy, lightweight 6-ply carcass. Hard terrain ATV tires need puncture resistance, a higher ply construction and evenly-spaced thick knobs to roll over rocks and hard pack. The CST C9309 Ambush Sport fits this description perfectly, built for ultimate traction and control over hard surfaces.


More Bang for Your Buck

Nearly every rider wants more power from a bike, and quads like your TXR450 is no exception. When you’re looking at purchasing Honda TRX450 aftermarket parts and accessories, your engine and exhaust are great places to start making modifications. If your engine can’t pull in air efficiently, it can’t deliver an ideal air/fuel mixture for combustion and power. Upgrading the stock air filter is a popular move, and it can help your engine take in more air without spending a fortune. K&N’s OE Replacement High-Flow air filters are a top choice. Not only are they direct OEM replacements for many bike models, but they offer increased intake surface area with their pleated high-flow cotton structure.

Slip-on mufflers may afford you minor performance gains, but they have the added benefit of changing how your ATV looks and sounds. This is especially true when you combine a slip-on with a header such as FMF’s Megabomb model. Made especially for racing applications, the Megabomb promises up to 3 HP in power gains and noise reduction of by up to 1.5 dB. For riders with bigger budgets and loftier goals, a full system exhaust upgrade may be worth the money. FMF, Yoshimura, HMF and Pro Circuit are top manufacturers of ATV full exhaust systems.

Suit Up and Ride Safe

This is just a short overview of your aftermarket modding options for the Honda TRX450, but it should give you a few ideas of where to start. While you’re tricking out your quad, remember that even ATV riders need the best motorcycle gear to ensure they walk away from crashes. As you shop for Honda motorcycle accessories, look for high-quality helmets, gloves, jerseys, eyewear, pants, footwear and jackets. Stay safe and select a trusted Powersports retailer that stocks riding gear along with the mods and accessories you need.