10 Breathtaking Homestays in Coorg That Offers You An Off-Beat Experience And A Scintillating View

homestays in coorg

Located amidst imposing mountains with a perpetually misty landscape Coorg or Kodagu is a rural district of Karnataka. It is the place to be for all nature lovers. It is well known for its breathtakingly exotic scenery and lush greenery. Forest covered hills, spice and coffee plantations only add to the landscape.

On a visit to Coorg, I would recommend you to cover the beautiful towns like Virajpet, Kushalnagar, Gonikoppal, Pollibetta, and Somwarpet. And experience the beautiful concept of “homestays” to make your experience more memorable!. So here are some of the unique and offbeat stays which one must experience once in a lifetime. Simply because they seem like nature’s own gift!.

Karada Farm stay – A retreat in Virajpet

Down in the village of Karada in Coorg, this beautiful experiential stay is located in the farm tucked in swathes of greenery. Nestled among 25 acres of land of coffee plantations, paddy fields, flowering trees, arecanut plantations. The farm stay offers you the luxury of nature and the opulence of modern amenities. Between walkways of the green lands, you will see cottages which are based on the geometry of the universe. 

It is led by a wooden bridge with railings that feature the shapes of the human DNA strands. Splendid are the bedrooms which are an ode to the life-energy of the sun. This lighting, the geometry and the energy of the place will kick into soothe and rejuvenate you.

homestays in coorg

Ponnampet Experiential stay

Located in Ponnampet it is a stay beside a beautiful lake in Coorg. It is a place filled with nature’s serenity and tranquillity, where relaxation, rejuvenation and even adventure come naturally. This off-the-beaten-track stay is in ‘Keremane estate’ which is a sleepy little hamlet of Beckesodlur, simply picturesque, eco-friendly and spread over five acres. The rustic old world charm of the property will win you over. Especially with the large lake in the center of the estate, which is sure to hog all your attention. 

This way it is filled with rich culture and tradition of Karnataka in everything that the accommodation has to offer; Right from its scenic surroundings to the misty balconies of all cottages. If you’re a couple on holiday they arrange candlelight dinners. They also offer relaxing ayurvedic massages and have authentic savourful Kodava cuisines on the menu.

homestays in coorg

Green Dreams

Located in Kushalnagar, Green Dreams is a splendid stay where the morning rush hours diffuse into the stillness of luxuriant nature. Seeming like a beautiful collage of plantations, forest hills, and mists, this is a homestay where you find the elements of nature in perfect harmony with human sustenance.

Green Dreams serves variety fare in Coorgi, Malnad and Kerala cuisines. The hostess exploits her culinary expertise to combine health with farm-fresh ingredients. Nature walks, facilitated interactions to learn about farming and cycle tour are some of its highlights. Aiding you with a bicycle, by which, you could go riding to some of the tourist attractions like Kaveri Nisargadhama, Harangi reservoir, etc.

homestays in coorg

Hammiyala Camp Stay

Away from the hassles of the city, it is a blissful retreat to the mind and body to experience. Hammiyala at Coorg offers a welcome break to the weary soul seeking peace and quietude at this offbeat camp stay. Sitting in the lap of nature, it seamlessly blends in with lush green surroundings to give you the thrill of living in the wilderness. Those seeking the pure and raw feel of campaigning in Coorg amidst nature can opt for tents pitched under the sky.

With a warmth of a campfire at your feet, smoked food that melts in your mouth and the starry night sky above your head. This would certainly be an experience to pen down your travel diaries. A secluded stay in the hills gives one enough reason to feel a connection with nature. But for those who wish to take it a step further, various activities are on offer. Like, a boat ride on the clear waters, a jeep safari through the woods, a tour of the spice plantations, etc.

homestays in coorg

Mukkodlu Experiential Stay

The Mukkodlu experiential stay is a picturesque gateway in the undisturbed lushness of Coorg. The winding pathway would take you to charming rock cottages. It is flanked by towering oaks, jacaranda trees, and hills clad in clouds.

Step out and you have colorful blooms laid out in the dew-clad-grass, pathways veiled in mists, birds twittering around and multi-hued millers fluttering for nectar. The stay being the quintessence of Coorg is full of hills and lush valleys, clad in rivers, plantation, and forests. There would hardly be a place like this, pristine in its own way, allowing you to experience Coorg in all its grandeur!.

homestays in coorg

Turtle Pond

Turtle Pond is an Exotic stay with beautiful wooden huts amidst the verdant coffee estates in Coorg. The warmth and the hospitality of the staff and the host only enhance the experience. Turtle pond is the absolute magnification of nature nestled amidst lush coffee bushes and silver oaks. With sloping tiled roofs to a complete wooden finish, these cozy huts look like they’re right out of a fairy tale.

With their designs, resembling the cottages of rural Estonia and northern Russia, are transformed into eco-eco-friendly stay options for tourists. Also, you could spend your day discovering the delights of Coorg in the temples hills and more attractions nearby. Here you get to lul yourselves with the sound of crickets and wake up to the chirping of birds.

You can enjoy your morning cuppa on the cozy sit-out which also happens to be an ideal spot for evening drinks. This stay in the wooden huts is assured to make your holiday eventful, memorable and an enjoyable one.

homestays in coorg

Ammathi Experiential Stay

Ammathi is a quaint and beautiful colonial style dwelling with cozy corners and unbridled luxury since the 19th century. It offers authentic Kodava cuisines with influences of Malabar coast and English desserts. The estate boasts of sprawling lawns, verdant plantations, and a meandering stream.

Ammathi is located amidst rolling mountains swabbed in emerald green, to a blend of coffee plantations and dense woods. The inbuilt, ‘School Thota’ offers an experience of undisturbed tranquillity with unending truce all over. Houses with wood beam ceilings, elaborate carpets, French windows and furnishings reminiscent of a bygone era are the stay’s highlight; also offering delicacies from the colonial British era.

For leisurely activities, you can take an estate stroll or cycle along the pathways of the plantation. Along with keeping you entertained with many outdoor and indoor games as well. This splendid property lets you experience the perks of nature without having to compromise on luxury.

homestays in coorg

Srimangala Experiential Stay

It is a traditional Kodava hospitality that makes you feel right at home with lovely staff and hosts. Freshly-prepared local cuisine by the family-friendly hosts to delight your plate makes the stay all the more special. If cozy and homely destinations are your thing, this homestay is perfect for you.

The stay offers necessary arrangements if you wished to go on a plantation walk. The hosts also set up an exciting barbecue and campfire for the pleasantly cool evening weather. If you wish to step outside and explore on your own, the convenient location ensures you have plentiful options. The main attraction though is the safari through the Nagarahole National Park, whitewater rafting, etc. Good food, great hosts, homely hospitality all come together at this wonderful Srimangala Stay which is a picture-perfect holiday time to be spent with family or friends.

homestays in coorg

Bettigeri Camp Stay

Bettigeri is a pet-friendly camp with domed tents for an offbeat stay amidst verdure. The stay offers modern amenity, resourceful caretaker and delectable home-made Coorgi dishes. Whether its scenic views, sightseeing spots or adventure activities, this quaint hill station has it all. Whether you choose to unwind in the midst of nature or spend the night gazing up at the stars, this camp is an ideal option.

You could start your day with a leisurely guided plantation walk or a visit to the nearby waterfalls. When you get back to the camp, there is everything from rope activities to the trampoline to add to the fun. The camp offers you an exhilarating experience of trekking and sets you on a bird-watching expedition as well.

Ending your day around the campfire with barbecue and peppy music added to the mix. Bettigeri being such a marvelous offbeat camp estate is sure to make your stay an unforgettable experience of your life!.

homestays in coorg

Kakkabe Camp Stay

Kakkabe will transport you from your monotonous urban life to one of the exciting adventures. This camp stay is as well a great chance to redeem your adventurous side and stay close to nature. The camp is set on a small, Princeton hillock, with meadows stretching from where you step till where your gaze can fall. This camp has been designed for those who love spending time in intimacy with nature. The tents have been designed to resemble traditional houses in the forest, with natural tile roofing and walls. The courtyard has been developed artistically, with walkway paved with stones.

A Step out of your door gives you a panorama of the surrounding mountains, with their bear tops being tickled by the passing clouds. The camp owns a beautiful waterfall, with a cliff of 70ft, and beautiful rocky backwoods which forms the highlight. It offers adventurous activities like trekking, river rafting, bird watching, night mountain drive, bonfire and much more. When nature can be a host to adventure the pleasure is immeasurable. Soak in such serenity of nature and adventure leaving you to cherish this wonderful experience for a lifetime.

homestays in coorg

If you are looking forward to exotic offbeat experiential or camp stays in Coorg then head off to these beautiful homestays in Coorg right away!.

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