11 Instant Home Remedies for Headache That Actually Helps

home remedies for headache

Let us imagine, you have gone to a quiz. You have to prepare a list of common body problems. The first that comes to your mind may be headaches. The name for headache in medical term is Cephalalgia. Instead of just popping up pills a dozen, please follow the simple home remedies for headache given in this article to get relief. The ingredients can be easily found in a normal home kitchen.

Medical science terms the reasons of headache due to many factors such as physiological changes in the head, abnormal activities of neurons in the brain, irregular contraction of blood vessels in the head, fatigue, allergies, poor sitting or standing posture, alcohol, drugs, low blood sugar, hormonal changes, constipation, genetic causes, chain smoking, dehydration, hangover, immunity to pain-killers, eye strain, nutritional deficiencies such as potassium and tension in neck muscles etc.


Unless in case of sinus or migraine headaches, you do not have to pop the specific pill to get relief. Agreed, a painkiller can give quick relief, but you can also suffer from side effects.

Is Headache Good For The Body?

In reality, headaches are indicators that the body is short of a mineral or a body part needs rest. In other words, you are working too hard. The eyes are under severe strain. You are dining at irregular intervals. When you pop a pill, you are in fact, suppressing the problem which triggers off the negative symptoms. So, it is better to go for home remedies which are natural and harm-free.

Natural Home Remedies For Headache

1. Ginger

home remedies for headache

You can find this root in a normal kitchen. It can reduce the negative symptoms of blood vessels (inflammation) in the head and give you relief.



You can make a combination of warm lemon juice, honey, and ginger juice. Ensure, you drink the combine at least twice a day. You can take one teaspoon of dry ginger powder, mix with two tablespoons H20 and make a combination. Now rub the combination on your forehead for five minutes.

Suffer from nose blockage because of cold? Boil six pieces of ginger root pieces in a bowl of water and inhale the vapor.


2. Mint Juice

Mint contains menthone and menthol very effective in reducing headaches.

home remedies for headache


You can take ten to twenty of mint leaves in a small bowl. Take two small cups of water. Place in a bowl. Boil the mixture for ten minutes. During the process, cover the bowl with a lid. Remove the bowl from the stove. Let the combination become cool for the next fifteen minutes and apply the mixture on the forehead for effective treatment.


The best combination, as per Indian village tradition, for the home remedies to cure a headache, is of mint juice with coriander juice.

3. Basil

The leaves of this plant have muscle relaxant properties. It also has analgesic and calming effects. If the symptom is because of tense muscles, then this option classifies as the best home remedy for headaches.

home remedies for headache


You can collect five to ten basil leaves and mix with three small cups of water in a bowl. Heat the combination on a stove for ten minutes. After the scheduled time, leave the combination to cool. Add a tablespoon of honey, stir well and drink it.


4. Hot Or Cold Compress

There are no specific home treatments for headaches. Usually, the treatment will vary from one individual to another. Even in the good old days, hot and cold compress treatments were available. The treatment works well if the blood vessels have expanded and press the nerves. The pressure gets released when you apply the hot or cold pack.


For a cold compress, you need a bag of ice, cold pack and bag of frozen peas. Hot compress, such as towel soaked in hot water.


It is vital that the place for the treatment should be calm and devoid of loud sound. More appropriate will be the place which has dim lights. You have to lie down on the bed or sofa. Place the hot compress or cold compress on the forehead. Relax.


Locate the specific place which causes pain and use the compress. Take rest for thirty minutes. You will get relief in a short duration.

5. Use Cloves As A Home Remedy For Headache

Cloves, when tasted, can give a sharp reaction to the tongue, but it has pain relieving properties.

instant remedies for headache


Take four cloves. Put them in a small bowl and crush them. Now inhale the strong smell. You will get relief. The other option is to make a combination of two teaspoons of coconut oil, clove oil and one teaspoon of rock salt. Then apply the combination on the forehead.

6. Onion

Do you suffer from blocked sinuses? Then the headache is the symptom. Since the ancient times, onions find mention among the home remedies for a headache to get instant relief.

home remedies for headache

You can take a small onion and slice into tiny pieces. You can then prepare a spicy snack/soup. The sulfur in the onion can make your eyes swell to tears, and you will also have a running nose. The medicinal component is quercetin which has the ability to fight infections.

7. Stretch Exercises

Are you surprised to see an exercise section in home remedies for a headache? Yes, it is true. Stretching exercises have proved to be pain buster.

In this era of fast-paced life, you get very minimal time for exercise. A hectic schedule at work and you consume food at long intervals. The result, toxins get generated in the body, and it will lead to stress. Sitting in the same posture for a long period of time can also lead to headaches.

The over-worked bodies give negative reactions such as tensed and knotted muscles. Then you feel the pain in the form of a headache, cold, blocked ears etc. If the muscles of the neck, scalp, and shoulder get tensed, then you can suffer from headaches. But you can get relief with a few simple stretching exercises.

For the simple exercises, you can bend the head towards each shoulder. When in a normal position, inhale and take a deep breath. When you bend the head towards each shoulder, exhale. Now do the exercises ten times on both sides.

You can also move your neck in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. The rotations can relieve the stress around the neck regions.

8. Green Tea

It is well-known that green tea has a large number of anti-oxidants. As per the ancient Ayurveda texts, if your digestive system has a problem or the work schedule is on a high, then it can give rise to headaches. How about a potion that can heal the digestive system and nervous problem? We are talking about green tea.

home remedies for headache


You can prepare a cup of green tea. Squeeze half of a lemon. Add two to three basil leaves. Steep the mixture. Then add a teaspoon of honey to your combination. Take time to drink the warm mixture in a relaxed way.

9. Home Medicine For Headache Due To Dehydration

Are you feeling dizzy after a walk on a sunny day? Did you sweat profusely and now have a headache? It is obvious that the real cause is dehydration. Drink two cups of water and relax for twenty minutes. A headache may disappear within the scheduled time.

If you do not find drinking water, you can make use of fruits/vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber etc. In Indian villages, on a sunny afternoon, a guest is welcomed with a small piece of jaggery and a large cup of water. The jaggery will offer protective coating around the throat.

10. Breathing Exercises

Hectic work schedule allows you to have time for the family only on the weekends. And exercise for your body? NIL. That is when stress builds up in the body and can cause tensed muscles. Usually, many of the business sectors include computer-related jobs. So, a high amount of pressure builds up in the neck region and areas around the head, leading to a headache. Yet, able help is available. You can practice yoga breathing exercises to release the tension in the muscles. Ensure that you do it properly.


You need to sit in a relaxed posture. It is advisable that you sit on a chair with both of your hands on your thighs. The spinal cord should be straight. To get better results, you can practice in the morning. Ensure you have your bath and drink two glasses of warm water. Leave for 15 minutes and start the session.

When you inhale, the stomach should come forward. Inhale air, and remain still for two seconds. When you exhale, the stomach should go inside. Remember, it should not be the reverse. Practice breathing exercises on a regular scale to prevent headaches. This activity is the simplest home remedy for a headache.

Headache during Pregnancy

Pregnant women very often experience headaches. The duration is in the first as well third semesters. The main reasons are –

  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Lack of sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Low blood sugar
  • Dehydration

home remedies for headache

Regular breathing exercises can help the pregnant women remain fit and healthy. Do you stay in Bangalore? Are you interested to learn yoga properly? Then you do not have to search online. There are home services companies who offer the option of home yoga classes at home in Bangalore. You can download their app and place a request.

11. Eucalyptus Oil

You can classify Eucalyptus oil as one of the best among the home remedies for a headache. The oil has pain nullifying, anti-inflammatory properties.

home remedies for headache


Take a bottle of eucalyptus oil and a Bowl of hot water. Add the oil to the hot bowl slowly. Do not pour the oil. Stir the mixture till it gets dissolved. Cover your head, shoulders, and neck with a large towel. Lean over the bowl.

Ensure you inhale the steam for at least ten minutes. Feeling Congested? Are the tears coming to your eyes and do you have a running nose? Take a break for three minutes and resume the activity. The procedure will open clogged sinuses and thus provide relief from a headache.

Medical Help

This is it. Hope that it has given you a few pointers. So, in case you have a headache next time, try these simple methods to get relief. But in case of severe migraine headaches, consult a physician. Please note, even in home remedies for a headache, you have to take precaution.

Opt for the services of a physician if you feel that the symptoms are not normal. If a headache continues for 15 days, then another body problem may be the root cause. Also, ensure you are non-allergic to the components. Else, you can suffer more harm.

When you are using oils, do not use concentrated oils on sensitive areas such as forehead and nose. Dilute by making use of carrier oil. Do you feel that your skin will be prone to burning problems? You can always do the quick patch test on your wrist in a small area. Do not apply on a large scale on the skin directly.

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