Here Are Some Of The Best Places In Bengaluru To Have Delicious Varieties Of Holige


Holige, also known as Puran Poli, is the typical ethnic Indian sweet specifically more populous as the traditional South Indian delicacy. The sweet bread is usually made from the split yellow gram, plain flour, jaggery or sugar, cardamom powder, ghee and a lot more is undoubtedly a blessing to all the sweet lovers. Bengaluru has some mindblowing Holige centers which are awesome places to satisfy the sugar cravings! Let’s explore the best among them.

Holige Mane, Malleswaram

The one and only ultimate holige mane in Bangalore to enjoy a wide variety of mouthwatering Holige’s.Some of the most craved for Holige’s at the mane are the Badam Holige, Dry Fruits Holige, Khova Holige, Kharjura Holige, Carrot Holige, Dal Holige, Coconut Holige and many more on the list. If you still have not been here, I must be telling you that you have undoubtedly missed on the actual authentic taste of a festive holige ever.


Where: No 57, 6th Cross Road, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram West, Bengaluru

holige mane

Bhat Holige Mane

Bhat Holoige mane established in 1987, has 30 years of service in holige making and one of Karnataka’s best traditional sweet makers. A for sure heaven for the sweet lovers.With its popularity across the country and abroad. It is extremely popular for its age-old traditions and principles like the No sugar and the No preservatives and artificial colors & flavors stratagem. The iconic Holige Mane is mainly popular for its products like the special coconut holige, bele obbattu, dates holige, kajjaya, and extensively delightful festive sweets.

Where: 8, 27, 8th Main Rd, Ramakrishna Nagar, Ganesha Block, Nandini Layout, Bengaluru



Bhaskar’s Mane Holige

The holige’s here are piping hot and have a lovely aroma served with the overflowing, fresh ghee smeared all over. To have a mouthful of it is simply an overwhelming experience. The mane has a great collection of holiges’s like the Coconut Holige, Sugar Holige, Carrot Holige etc but mostly popular for the flavourful Gulkand Holige’s, khara holige, and phene that is served here. Also, the mane has in store various snack items like the crispy Chakli, Kodbale, Nipattu, benne muruku etc.

Where: 128, 7th Main Rd, Jaya Nagar 1st Block, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Ganesh Holige Mane And Muruku Thindi 

One of the most popular food joint which serves a variety of delicious holige’s. A must visit when one is looking to satiate hunger pangs with tasty, hygienic food. It is praised for its stylish presentation and also wide varieties of the Muruku like the happala sandige,tengala etc. The most in-demand holiges of the mane are the Anjura holige, pineapple holige and also the very delicious pheni and the chiroti.


Where: Near, Bust Stand, 50 Feet Rd, 1st phase Girinagar, 3rd Phase, Bengaluru


Aithal Holige Mane

If you are looking for some awesome holige and snacks together it is definitely the Aithal Holige Mane. It offers a variety of preparations on the menu listing from multiple varieties of holiges to the snack items and to the pickles. The pickles that are kept in either glass or ceramic bottles are simply appealing and finger licking. It offers some extremely delightful holiges like the Kobbari sugar holige, Poppyseed holige and lot more. It is one of the great restaurants in the area and manages to attract office goers and the general public.

Where: 323, 1st Cross Rd, Thyagaraja Nagar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru


Udupi Holige Mane

Absolute bliss to all the sweet bread lovers. The freshly made Holiges of this place are simply mind-blowing. The holiges here are prepared in front of you, and ready to be served as soon as you order. Also, they do pour generous portions of ghee on the Holiges which makes it all the more exciting. They again have a wide variety of holiges to offer but the most popular ones are the Khoya Holige and the Date Holige with many more varieties on their menu.

Where: Nettakallappa Cir, near corporation bank, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru


Mane Holige

Mane Holige serves some incredible range of varied Holiges’s which tastes amazingly awesome. Also has its numerous branches across the city like Jayanagar, Malleswaram,Vijayanagar, Jp nagar etc. Holige Mane offers a wide array of quick bites as well, which is a great spot to put your hunger pangs to rest. The piping hot holiges served are drizzled in ghee and you have a variety of options to choose from like the carrot, badam, dates, dry fruits, and the pineapple holige’s etc.


These are undoubtedly some of the must-try places to all the holige lovers! If you know any such places then please let us know in the comments below.


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