6 Favorite Holiday Destinations of Bollywood actors

holiday destinations of Bollywood actors

Having a dream holiday is a staple dream of the common man. But what about those leading a dream-life as we perceive it? Where do they go to savor a dream within a dream? Some love the popular global cities, some love beaches, some love mountains, and so on! Here 6 are favorite holiday destinations of Bollywood actors.

1. Anushka Sharma – The Himalayas

Even though she loves holidaying at different places in the world, it’s the Himalayas that she is particularly taken by. High on happiness, perhaps?

holiday destinations of Bollywood actors

2. Shah Rukh Khan – Paris

Shah Rukh Khan’s favorite holiday destination with family is Paris. Paris – You haven’t lived if you haven’t seen Paris, they said. Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan loves traveling to Paris with his family as his kids enjoy the Disneyland.

bollywood actors holiday destinations

3. Alia Bhatt – London

In just three short years, Alia Bhatt has come a long way in Bollywood. But movie sets and award stages aren’t the only places where you’ll spot the 22-year-old-star. When she’s off duty, she’s happiest strolling through the streets of her favorite city in the world, London. She is a mountain person, but she likes the beach too!. If you are a huge fan and want to know more about her then read Alia Bhatt biography here.

favourite holiday destination of ali bhatt

4. Sunny Leone – Maldives

I want to go to the Maldives and explore scuba-diving since the place is famous for its amazing waters and reefs. I’ve heard about the Banana Reef that extends from the north to the south. I’ve also heard about other sporting activities like windsurfing and Kayaking, and it would be great to explore the marine life.

holiday destinations of Bollywood actors

5. Salman Khan – Dubai

If you have ever wondered where Salman Khan used to spend his New Year’s eves at, Dubai is the answer where his partying had his big family and friends joining in. If you are a die-hard fan of “Bhai” and want to know more about him can read Salman Khan biography here.

holiday destinations of Bollywood actors

6. Akshay Kumar – Cape Town

Akshay Kumar went to Cape Town in January this year and called it his favorite holiday destination. The actor often takes a family break, heading out with wife Twinkle Khanna and children Aarav and Nitara. In June last year, Akshay and Twinkle went on a holiday with actor Asin and her husband, businessman Rahul Sharma. They met up at Lake Como, Italy, and posted pictures from there.

bollywood actors holiday destinations

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