12 Old and Historical Facts About Bengaluru That are Rarely Known

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Bengaluru, in recent times, became famous as the “Silicon Valley of India.” In earlier times, it had other names such as the “Garden City.” Like other famous cities around the world, Bengaluru also has several mind-blowing facts. We promise you access to historical facts about Bengaluru that are rarely found on the web.

Rarely known Old and Historical Facts About Bengaluru

Do you live in Bengaluru? But not having knowledge about its history and the important places? Do not worry. You have come to the right place. Now, let us get right down to business.

The city, located on the Deccan Plateau, is famous for being the capital of the Indian State, Karnataka. Kempe Gowda I, established the city in the year, 1537 as his capital. He was a feudal lord affiliated with the Vijayanagar Empire. His societal reforms and construction of temples and water reservoirs in the city make him a popular figure even today. The State Government, to honor him, has made 27 June as Kempegowda day or Kempegowda Jayanthi.

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Did we spell it right? Did we get the word wrong? No, we are right and you are also right. The fact is that the word,” Bangalored” was in use by US companies to lay off the workers. The reason – because the jobs moved to India as a part of IT Outsourcing.

Do You Know Victoria Hospital?

The foundation stone dates back to 22 June 1897 to celebrate the 60-year-old rule of Queen Victoria. But the inauguration was in December 1900 by the erstwhile Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon.

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Malgudi Days

Did you remember the famous television serial before the 1990’s the Malgudi Days? It was the work of the famous Indian novelist, R K Narayan? Do you know that the town was a combination of two famous places of Bangalore? Name – Malleshwara and Basavanagudi.

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Once upon a time, Kempegowda bus stand was a Majestic Lake

Can you imagine a lake in the place of today’s highly crowded Majestic bus stand? Well, it was a reality a few years ago. The bus station what we see today is actually constructed on a lake or tank called Dharmambudhi, which was created during Kempe Gowda’s reign. The lake was one of the major sources of water which were connected to open wells around it and small tanks nearby. Unfortunately, when the lake got completely dried up, it became a place for people to meet and chat. In 1931, the then Prime Minister Mr.Nehru had hoisted the tricolor and addressed a meeting here and later on, it was used for public events before it was officially made a central bus station of the city.

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Pub capital of India

The growth of software companies, BPO organizations saw the 1990s transform Bangalore into a cosmopolitan city. In fact, the rise of immigrants from other parts of India and the world led the city boom in the real estate sector. Very soon, the city became the Pub Capital of India.

The mentioning fact is not related to the historical facts of Bengaluru, but it is true that the city had the best growth rate in India within two decades. The data proves that the city is a hot hub for investment.



Before 1985, Bangalore was famous as the “Garden City.” To add to the splendor of the city in greenery, you have the Lalbagh, with a total area of 240 acres. Other than a famous collection of floras, the part boasts of The Lalbagh Rock. The age of this rock, as per an estimate is 3000 million years. The park, true to its time, boasts of trees older than a century and can be regarded as a valuable asset in the history of Bangalore.

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Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

You find The Palace in the center of the city. The building dates back to two centuries. The completion happened in 1791. You want the recent location. It is near Bengaluru medical college, Chamrajpet.

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Bangalore Palace

If you want to see the royal charms of the Wodeyar Dynasty, do not hesitate to make a trip to the Bangalore Palace. The royal splendor boasts of an architecture with Tudor and Scottish Gothic style. The Palace houses many paintings by Raja Ravi Verma.

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There is an explosive in the name of Bangalore

Yes, Bangalore torpedo is an explosive named after Namma Bengaluru as it was first manufactured and ideated in Bangalore by Captain McClintock of the British Indian Army unit. It was invented to explode the booby traps and barricades. If you have watched movies, “Breakthrough, Saving Private Ryan, The Longest Day, Storming Juno, and The Big Red One,” then you will have a basic idea about this Bangalore torpedo.

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Chokkanathaswamy Temple

Do you know the oldest temple in Bangalore? If you are in Domlur, consider yourself lucky. In fact, the temple, built in the 10th century by Cholas is the Chokkanathaswamy Temple. Presiding Deity – Lord Vishnu. You can see the ten avatars of Vishnu in the pillars of the temple. Renovation happened ten years ago.

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Gavi Gangadeshwara Temple

Renovated by Kempe Gowda I, this temple has the rare infrastructure in which the sun’s rays fall on the Shivalinga on the Makara-Sankranti Day. One of the few temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. You find the rare deity sculpture of Agni, the Fire God. This temple easily finds its place among the important historical facts about Bangalore.

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Cut to the present day, the home population boasts of a mere 42 percent, with the rest of Indian populace occupying certain areas of the city. So, you find the Tamilians, Telugu speaking people, Keralites, and citizens from other parts of India. The foreign populace is also found but only in apartments. If you are a true Bangalorean, no doubt, you can speak five languages because of proximity to other State people.

Do you have more interesting and historical facts about Bengaluru that you want to share with us? Why don’t you drop a comment? Let us know together.

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