Hilarious: Pakistan Blacksout Karachi After Confusing PAF Jets As IAF Jets


On Tuesday, panic struck in Pakistan after social media users who were residents of Karachi tweeted that Indian Air Force Fighter jets had crossed the line of control. This lead to the blackout of the entire city.

Many residents, in fear, took to Twitter to express their fear and anger about the Indian fighter jets encroaching the Country. Falling to the prey of social media rumors, the establishment blacked out an entire city of Karachi and other parts of Sindh.


Wajhat Kazmi, a Pakistani journalist, also posted on Twitter that the Indian fighter jets were roaming around the city of Karachi. Another resident pointed out that Pakistan Air Force has begun patrolling over Karachi and Sindh borders. Social Media of Pakistan was tweeting videos of Indian jets hovering around the city.

Courtesy: Twitter

While the Pakistan Armed Forces have not issued any statement regarding the issue. There haven’t been any statements regarding the sudden patrolling of the Pakistani Air Force jets around the city. However, the Indian Air Force has denied any such activity. There have been chances that the Pakistani residents mistook a Pakistani Aircraft as India’s fighter jets.

Following the rumor and the confusion around it, the Indian Twitter users didn’t leave a chance to troll the Pakistani accounts.


Here are some of the tweets on the ‘blackout’.