Bengaluru is Ranked As The Highest Paying City in the Country Followed By Pune

highest paying in the city

Bengaluru is the highest paying city in the country and pays the average annual CTC for talent across all the verticals at INR 10.8 lakhs. Pune is placed second in the report at INR 10.3 lakhs with NCR and  Mumbai finishing third and fourth with an average CTC figure of INR 9.9 lakhs and INR 9.2 lakhs respectively every year.

The report from Randstad Insights placed the IT capital of India at the top of the salary trends report in 2017. Randstad Insights is a research and analysis department of Randstad India launched recently.

Other prominent cities to find a place in the insight report include Chennai at INR 8.0 lakhs, Hyderabad at INR 7.9 lakhs, and Kolkata at INR 7.2 lakhs. These are the cities paying the highest average salaries every year.

highest paying in the city

Pharma And Healthcare Sector Are Highest Paid In India

The report also says that the professionals belonging to the sector of Pharma and Healthcare industry are the highest paid in the country at an average CTC of INR 9.6 lakhs annually across all the functions and levels.

The primary reason behind these professionals getting such a high salary package is the rise in the demand for healthcare specialists and professionals having R&D skills.

Also, with the introduction of GST, the demand for compliance and implementation specialists also increased. That is why the Professional Services sector is now the second profession receiving the highest salary every year of INR 9.4 lakhs.

This particular sector encompasses various fields comprising of Accounting, Strategy, Management Consulting, Audit, and Legal firms.  

FMCG was the highest paying sector in 2017 but in the 2018 report, Randstad Insight placed it at the third place with an average CTC of INR 9.2 lakhs annually. Other sectors that were also a part of the list include IT sector with an average CTC of INR 9. 1 lakhs every year and Infrastructure, Real Estate & Construction sector at INR 9.0 lakhs annually.  

highest paying in the city

‘Hot Jobs’ Include Strong Demand In The Market

The list included Hot Jobs that are picked up on the parameter of strong demand in the existing job market across all the industries. The consideration is also based on where talent with experience in between 6 to 10 years is paid higher remuneration relatively as compared to professionals coming under the same salary range.

In the category of experienced professionals, specialist doctors topped the chart having an average CTC at INR 18.4 lakhs annually. Other professionals who are also a part of the list include Architects with CTC of INR 15.lakhs, Product Engineering Specialists with CTC of INR 14.8 lakhs, and Blockchain Technology experts with a CTC of INR 14.6 lakhs annually.  



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