14 Highest Grossing Kannada Films Which Have Looted the Box-Office

highest grossing kannada movies

Cinema as an entertainment business is an industry which is a home for the number of artists working in several departments. When a story from its scratch form on paper to a Cinema on Silver screen; the journey is not at all a cake walk. We have been watching movies of a different kind owing to our interests and taste. Not every movie will click in the box-office and at the same time, not every box-office hit movie is a good movie.

This is true for every film industry but if we look at the highest grossing Kannada films then there is a contrast. Kannada audience has always carried the reputation of being a good critic when it comes to Cinema. Nowhere in the past, a bad movie has become a hit in Sandalwood’s box-office; never! There might be exceptions but largely it is true that if a good Kannada Cinema is well distributed then KFI can reach greater heights; both in terms of reach and revenue.

Highest Grossing Kannada Films

Note: This is a list of movies released in the last 10 years. Source: Wikipedia.

Highest Grossing Kannada Films

Raajakumara (75 Crore)

With power star Puneeth Rajkumar in the lead role, this movie continued to hit the emotions of every Cinema lover in the state to become one of the most loved movies of the year. It became a landmark movie for Puneeth Rajkumar and a second straight hit for the director Santosh Anandaram.

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blockbuster kannada movies

Tagaru (50 Crore)

Tagaru, a recent release which starred ShivRajKumar and Dhananjya in lead roles has completed 100 days. This is an underworld cop-based story directed by Duniya Suri. From Day 1, Tagaru has seen a massive rise in its box-office collection. Without a second thought, Tagaru is one of the massive hits of 2018 for KFI.

box office hit kannada movies

Super (55 Crore)

If someone asks us as to how you want your Country to be in the next 10 years then I say like as the one in Super movie. Hats off to Upendra and his vision. An interesting story of an NRI coming to India, facing issues and to become the Chief minister selling the state was truly mind-boggling.

Highest Grossing Kannada Films

Mungaru Male (50 Crore)

An amazing love story with quirky dialogues coupled with mind blowing locations and songs, Mungaru Male will remain as the most classic love stories of KFI.

highest collection kannada movies

Kirik Party (50 Crore)

A college love story narrated in a unique way by Rishabh Shetty made its mark in the box-office. The movie is a treat to watch with subtle yet eye-catching performances by Rashmika Mandanna, Rakshith Shetty, and Samyuktha Hegde.

Highest Grossing Kannada Films

Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari (50 Crore)

Rocking star Yash and Radhika Pandit starred Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari turned out to be a mass hit across Karnataka. A family entertainer directed by Santosha Anandram never fell flat to impress the audience.

blockbuster kannada movies

Doddmane Hudga (40 Crore)

Suri back in action with Puneeth Rajkumar, Doddmane Hudga was a massive hit in Northern parts of Karnataka. It was a neat movie well presented by Suri coupled with a power-pack performance by the Power star of KFI.

Highest Grossing Kannada Films

Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna (40 Crore)

A historical flick by Challenging star Darshan went to become a huge hit for all the good reasons. It also got the Best Actor award for Darshan.

box office hit kannada movies

Uppi 2 (40 Crore)

After ‘Super’, this was a comeback film for Upendra as a director. It is one of the highly rated movies in IMDB. A well-presented movie which speaks about the profound aspects of Spirituality.

highest collection kannada movies

Ranna (40 Crore)

Ranna is a Kannada remake of Telugu’s Attarintiki Daaredi. With Sudeep and Rachitha Ram in lead roles, the movie never failed to entertain the mass audience of KFI.

Highest Grossing Kannada Films

Kotigobba 2 (35 Crore)

Kottigobba 2 is a Con movie which starred Kiccha Sudeep in lead role. A mass entertainer with twists and turns was indeed an amazing one to watch in theatres.

box office hit kannada movies

Dandupalya (35 Crore)

Dandupalaya is based on a community of people involved in crimes and the entire story whiles around their emotions and struggles. It was one of the daring attempts of KFI; a must-watch.

Highest Grossing Kannada Films

Shivalinga (35 Crore)

Shivalinga was a decent try by P.Vasu. It was a horror movie starring Dr.Shiva Rajkumar. Everything was neat but somewhere it failed to meet the expectations of the audience looking for Apathamitra kind of movie.

blockbuster kannada movies

Aptharakshaka (35 Crore)

Again a horror movie by P.Vasu which went to become a massive hit. It was the last movie of Dr.Vishnuvardhan and so was the emotional connect. Aptharakshaka is the continue version of Apthamitra which starred Vishnuvardan and Soundarya in lead roles.

box office hit kannada movies

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So, this was about the highest grossing Kannada films. Hope you found this post informative.

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